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Amsterdam startup funding news, May 2022

Stay up to date with Amsterdam’s startup scene with our funding roundup for May 2022. 

SingularityNET and SingularityDAO secure €23.6 million

The Amsterdam-based open-source platform SingularityNET (and its spin-off project SingularityDAO) has secured new funds from global investment group LDA Capital Limited to accelerate product development and implement AI capabilities for decentralised finance (DeFi). SingularityNET aims to build a decentralised marketplace for AI algorithms, letting anyone monetise them and allowing organisations and developers to buy, outsource and sell AI at scale.

Expertwired closes €1 million deal 

Amsterdam-based Expertwired, an platform that offers a one-on-one video consultation service, has raised nearly €1 million in its second round of funding. According to the company, these funds will be used to scale its sourcing and matching platform in its aim to disrupt the market research industry. 

On-demand lifestyle marketplace GetEase raises €700 000 

The on-demand lifestyle marketplace GetEase has secured over €700,000 in a seed round of funding from APX and Graduate Entrepreneur. The funds will be used to expand the company’s platform in Amsterdam and launch two apps to meet a surge in demand.  

Willicroft raises €2 million to promote plant-based cheese

Willicroft, a startup situated in Amsterdam, has raised €2 million in a pre-seed round of funding. The company, which was founded in 2018, makes plant-based cheese alternatives from beans and pulses and hopes to expand into other markets in the United Kingdom, Germany and the Nordics.

Timberhub receives €1.5 million in funding

Timberhub, a digital timber marketplace that connects international buyers and sellers, has received €1.5 million in a pre-seed round of funding from Speedinvest. Timberhub wants to digitalise the timber trade by providing a marketplace for manufacturers and contractors to buy, transport and finance timber. The platform also allows buyers to make ethical and sustainable purchases by verifying the origin of the timber. raises €9.6 million

Amsterdam-based platform has raised €9.6 million in a new round of funding. The company provides private firms with investment insights by automating the usually manual data analysis process. It is now looking to accelerate its current year-on-year growth rate of more than 100%. 

Katanox raises €5.48 million in funding

Amsterdam-based Katanox, which connects travel sellers and accommodation providers to facilitates the distribution of accommodation inventory and payments, has raised $5.7 (around €5.48) million in funding. According to the company, the funds will be used to fuel its international expansion and further develop Katanox with Central Reservation Systems (CRS), Property Management Systems (PMS) and Payment Service Providers (PSP).

AG5 secures €1.2 million 

The plug-and-play skills management software company AG5 has raised €1.2 million to further help develop its management platform. With AG5, companies can ‘map’ their employees based on their qualifications and help them receive well-timed training. Thanks to the investment from Peak, the company is now aiming to expand its team and serve more clients in the next two years. 

Pyramid Analytics raises €113.58 million in new funding

Pyramid Analytics has raised a total of €189.3 million after securing €113.58 million in its Series E round of funding. The decision intelligence software developer, which is based in Amsterdam, will use these funds to speed up the development of its platform, expand its partnerships and scale globally. 

Fairnance secures Seed funding

The property-financing platform Fairnance has secured an undisclosed amount of seed funding from Maydan Capital. The company is currently preparing for its launch. It’s developing an alternative property-financing solution for people in the Netherlands who cannot become homeowners due to non-financial reasons.

Fintech startup The Social Handshake raises €1.1 million 

The Social Handshake has raised €1.1 million in funding to sustain its growth and develop complementary products. By using the Amsterdam-based fintech startup’s service, people can automatically donate a portion of their salary to any charity and receive a possible tax benefit. receives funding for international expansion has raised an undisclosed amount of funding to develop its AI-driven risk assessment platform, which helps predict the risk of post-surgery infection for individual patients. It is hoped that the investment will help Healthplus reduce the impact of infections on a global level and eventually expand the platform’s application to other types of post-surgical complications. The company will use the funding to build the first AI software for market release, perform several clinical trials and submit CE 2a certification under MDR.

Roetz secures €1.8 million to develop its circular e-bike 

The Amsterdam-based sustainable bicycle company Roetz has received €1.8 million to help meet a surge in the demand for e-bikes. According to the company, these funds will be used to launch its first e-bike made from recycled bicycle parts and materials that are ‘too good to throw away’. 

Vegan food-tech company raises funding for plant-milk cheese

The food-tech company Mr. & Mrs. Watson has raised €700,000 in funding to help launch its cheese made from protein-rich plant milk to the public market later this year. The company’s cheese is made from proteins extracted from fava beans and is reportedly the first of its kind. 

Bunq to acquire Tricount

Bunq, the Amsterdam-based online bank, has plans to acquire the Brussels-based fintech company TriCount. The acquisition will add 5.4 million new users to Bunq’s platform, making it Europe’s second-largest challenger bank after Revolut.

Gymstory receives a convertible loan of €234 000

The Amsterdam-based startup Gymstory has received a convertible loan of €234,000 towards the development of its platform. Gymstory aims to motivate gym-goers by helping them track progress using sensors and receive live training feedback. According to the company, the proceeds from this round will be used to test its technology at various gyms. 

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