Amsterdam's logistics industry

The Amsterdam Area is the heart of European and global logistics, mostly thanks to Amsterdam's innovation and strategic location.

Amsterdam's strategic location

Amsterdam is located in an extremely central location that connects you with the 500 million potential customers in the European marketplace. The presence of Europe’s best airport (Amsterdam Airport Schiphol), seaport (Port of Amsterdam), greenport (FloraHolland) and dataport (AMS-IX) gives Amsterdam a lead in the logistics market of the future.

“There’s just no better staging area for moving goods around Europe – the Netherlands was an easy choice.”Bill Biesecker, CEO of Hair Direct


In the Amsterdam Area you’ll discover more than 400 years of experience with international trade and logistics. And in recent decades, some 2,000 logistics companies have settled here, bringing an abundance of knowledge and well-established connections to all destinations around the world.

“The companies here have become an increasingly important link in the international supply chain.” – Coenraad Hübner, Oiltanking Amsterdam

Innovation hub

Close and continuous cooperation between the government, knowledge institutes and the private sector has helped to develop innovative solutions to improve the logistics chain. These have transformed the region into a logistics innovation hub.

“We are in the centre of the best-equipped logistics triangle of mainland Europe here.” – Angie Wu, TYC Europe

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Testimonials and insights

Hair Direct, Inc.

“There’s just no better staging area for moving goods around Europe – the Netherlands was an easy choice.”

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“There is enough room to grow here,” says Angie Wu, who is responsible for TYC Europe's distribution centre and the European headquarters in Almere.
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