The logistics industry in Amsterdam

Amsterdam is at the heart of European logistics thanks to the city’s strategic location and commitment to innovation. The Amsterdam Area is also the base for thousands of logistics firms that provide expertise, experience and a valuable international network. 

  • The Netherlands offers the world’s highest broadband penetration per capita, making it the most connected country
  • Amsterdam Airport Schiphol is Europe’s third-largest cargo airport
  • 170 million consumers live within a 500-km radius of Amsterdam
  • The Netherlands is #1 in terms of readiness for self-driving cars
  • More than 400 transport and logistics companies operate in the local area
  • Over 180,000 jobs in the Amsterdam Area are in the logistics industry

Amsterdam’s strategic location

One of Amsterdam’s greatest assets is its strategic location. Businesses in the city are close to 500 million potential customers across Europe, and destinations like London, Paris and Brussels are a short plane or train ride away. The Dutch capital is also home to the award-winning Amsterdam Airport Schiphol, which handles over 95% of all Dutch air freight. AMS-IX (the world’s largest data transport hub), the Royal FloraHolland Greenport and the Port of Amsterdam, which plans to open the world’s largest sea lock in 2022, are also found here along with 500 kilometres of cycle paths.

A long history of trade and logistics expertise

The history of international trade and logistics in the Amsterdam Area goes back over 700 years, and trade brought the city great riches, eventually resulting in the Netherlands’ Golden Age in the 17th century. Over the past few decades, roughly 2,000 logistics companies have made their base here and brought an abundance of knowledge and experience, along with established connections to locales around the planet. In 2018, the Global Logistics Guide gave the Netherlands a perfect 10/10 score, calling the country “the model for European logistics excellence.”

One of the world’s premier innovation hubs

Amsterdam’s status as an innovation hub has greatly benefitted the logistics industry. Close cooperation of government, industry and universities and research institutes has improved the logistics chain by creating innovative solutions to various challenges.

Making logistics greener

Sustainability greatly influences Amsterdam’s logistics sector. Amsterdam Airport Schiphol – the world’s third-most connected airport – is pursuing eco-friendly endeavours such as electric transport, biofuel and wind power. Additionally, the Port of Amsterdam has received the Silver Port Environmental Award for its commitment to sustainability and is working to increase the amount of non-fossil fuel cargo it processes.

The future of logistics in Amsterdam is looking bright. The city offers the connections and support businesses require to grow and thrive, as well as a long-term outlook that will ensure the environment can sustain the sector’s success. And with the Dutch spirit of innovation still going strong, the region benefits from cutting-edge developments that continue securing Amsterdam’s place as an industry leader.

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