You and I amsterdam

At more than two metres tall, the slogan measures over 23.5 metres wide. The large I amsterdam slogan quickly became a city icon and a much sought-after photo opportunity. Visitors photograph themselves, in, around and on top of the slogan, and it always manages to inspire the novice photographer.

At the request of the City of Amsterdam, we will soon be removing the iconic I amsterdam letters from Museumplein. The change in location is in line with the new city government’s intention to increase the efforts, in cooperation with us, to distribute visitors more widely. The move supports our strategy to ‘make Amsterdam larger’, which includes stimulating repeat visitors to explore different areas of the city.

Where are the letters going?

This is a question that many visitors will be asking. The letters will be moving from place to place around the city, as was, in fact, the original idea. In consultation with city districts, cultural venues, residents and businesses, we will decide where the letters are to be located in future. We will be considering the various possibilities in consultation with all those concerned. So more news on this later.

Last chance!

People who would still like to take a selfie with the letters on Museumplein will need to move fast. But for those who miss the opportunity, the letters will still be there at Schiphol.

A third set of letters already changes location around the city, making appearances at all kinds of events in the city. For example at the Olympic Stadion during the Amsterdam Marathon and the World Allround Speed Skating Championships. And in the colours of the rainbow at the IJpromenade during the Pride.

Where are the travelling letters now?

You can spot the travelling letters at the Student Hotel in Amsterdam West until the 12th of December. 

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