1. Finalise your enrolment

    Remember to accept the letter of offer for your programme so that you’re properly enrolled. Your university will assist with your visa and residence permit – so make sure that they’re expecting you! You may also be required to pay the first instalment of your fees at this stage.

  2. Apply for scholarships

    Apply for any scholarships and grants that you’re eligible for. Not only do they provide valuable financial assistance, but they look great on your CV too. The extra paperwork will be worth it in the end. Search for scholarships

  3. Check out the Intro Week events

    Intro Week is a crucial part of studying overseas. It’s the perfect opportunity to make friends and memories before the serious study begins. Find out what your university or college has planned as tickets can sell out in advance.

  4. And other events to look forward to

    Besides all the Intro Week events and student parties, Amsterdam is famous for its year-round festivals, concerts, exhibitions, stage shows and more. Find out what's happening when you arrive. 

  5. Track down important documents

    First of all, make sure your passport is valid for at least the next six months. At your registration appointment you will need to produce your birth certificate, and it may need be officially authenticated depending on which country you are from. This is much easier to do before you leave home. Pack your driver’s licence for identification and find out if your country's licence is valid for driving a vehicle in the Netherlands. 

  6. Sharpen your culinary skills

    Or at least learn a recipe. Student accommodation is generally self-catering, so it’s always handy to know how to turn a few ingredients into something edible.

  7. Learn about housing options

    If you’re staying in campus accommodation for your first year,  be sure to make your selection as early as possible as the rooms fill quickly. Read our guide to student accommodation.

  8. Pack for all seasons

    If you’re arriving before the September semester, the weather in Amsterdam can be wildly unpredictable. Pack for hot and cold days, bring shoes you can cycle in (you’ll master heels soon enough) and don’t forget an umbrella.

  9. Make a travel wishlist

    German castles straight out of a fairytale, Antwerp’s fashion scene and the streets of Paris are right at your fingertips when you live in Amsterdam. Your semester break is the perfect chance to explore Europe

  10. Start learning Dutch

    Although Amsterdammers speak English excellently, learning a few Dutch phrases will help you to integrate and feel more at home. Apps like Duolingo are a popular way to learn for free. See our tips on learning Dutch for other courses designed for students. 

Read our steps to study and Amsterdam arrival guide for more tips on student life.