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Sunrise workout (sign up required)

All early birds and sporty types can gather to start the day with a great sunrise workout. A DJ will provide the best deep-house beats, followed by healthy shakes and ginger shots!

Sauna, massage and healthy bites (fully booked)

During 24H Zuidoost, you can take a seat in the containers of Soak Urban Wellness, which have been converted into saunas. Relax in the infrared sauna, undergo an intense total body massage in the 3D massage capsule and enjoy the cold-pressed power shots and healthy superfood bites afterwards.

Open day at the old fire station

During 24H Zuidoost, you can visit the former fire station for a continuous programme for young and old. Think of a flea market and giveaway meals by Tante Nel, a youth programme by Talent Movement and great music until the wee hours!

Breakfast and furniture building competition at IKEA (fully booked)

Join your neighbours at IKEA for a cosy breakfast before opening time. Afterwards, take part in the furniture-building competition. The prize is eternal fame, a food package and a piece of furniture!

Behind the scenes Pathé Arena (fully booked)

Pathé Arena is one of the largest cinemas in the Netherlands and has no fewer than 14 screens. Join us on a tour during 24H Zuidoost, experience the wonderful world of film and take a look behind doors that normally remain closed to visitors.

Sports at the BarTendaz Park (sign up required)

Using just your body and a couple of poles, it's possible to get incredibly fit. BarTendaz helps you get the best out of yourself by setting a personal course record. Roll up your sleeves, challenge yourself and let your body and mind do the work!

What grows in Zuidoost?

Get in touch with nature during 24H Zuidoost! Biologist Tet Roetman, author of 'Flowers in Amsterdam-Zuidoost', will take you through Gaasperplas Park and teach you how to recognise dozens of plant species, herbs, grasses and trees on a 1 to 2-kilometre route.

Dye-plant garden and flower meadow

Take a look at the Painted Plant Garden and lend a hand at Bloei & Groei! The people behind this local organisation will tell you more about this garden, flower meadow and vegetable patch as they explain how the harvested plants are used as a natural ingredient to dye textiles.

Skating and gardening workshop in Brasa Park

Skate lovers can get tricky at Skatelane in Brasa Park! In this continuous programme, you can join in with workshops, clinics, demonstrations or free skateboarding. There are ongoing workshops on making vertical gardens, designing your own tasty garden and tea and infusion workshops.

Discovering De Bijlmer by bike

Join a two-hour tour with Bijlmer expert Jenny van Dalen who has lived in Zuidoost for about 35 years. She set up the successful Bijlmer Tours 20 years ago, with the aim of making others just as interested and passionate about the neighbourhood as she is.Please note: bring your own bike!

Taibah Mosque guided tour

Known as the 'white pearl' of De Bijlmer, Taibah is of the largest mosques in the Netherlands and opens its doors during 24H Zuidoost for everyone who wants to take a look. Ladies are requested to bring their own head covering.

An adventurous bike ride through greenery (fully booked)

Looking for a beautiful adventure into nature on a bike ride through the green edges of Amsterdam? With the Tuinenfietstocht by GroenplatVorm Zuidoost, you can cycle past all the beautiful spots in this part of the city! The route is about 17 kilometres.

Farmers' market and pancake eating

Rummage for bargains at the farmers' market at Kinderboerderij Gliphoeve! Here you can shop for second-hand trinkets, clothing, vegetables from their very own vegetable garden and much more. Browsing the market will undoubtedly leave you feeling hungry, but fortunately, you can eat all kinds of tasty treats at the pancake house.

Dialogue Vintage Photography Festival

Visit the vintage photo fair to browse, search and dig treasure among thousands of old photos. And if you see something beautiful: everything is for sale.

Beer and burgers at Brouwerij Kleiburg

During 24H Zuidoost, enjoy fresh beers, a juicy burger and other tasty bites at Brouwerij Kleiburg. You can also take a short tour of the brewery to see where De Bijlmer’s very own beer is brewed.

Digging through the Bijlmer Archives (cancelled)

Neighbourhood newspapers, folders, cuttings, scrapbooks, photos, videos and slides: the entire Bijlmermuseum is transformed into a rich archival display. Take a guided tour or make your own discoveries. Participants can enjoy a Bijlmer lentil soup too!

Non-stop hip-hop (sign up required)

The Foundation Hip-Hop Academy throws its doors wide open for a hip-hop dance workshop for beginners! This is music that you won’t be able to sit still to. Put on shoes and clothes you can move in and learn the tricks of hip-hop moves.

Dodgeball on the roof

Head up to the roof of a parking garage covered in playful artwork by Zagwe Design. Here you’ll find a rooftop playing field where you can play dodgeball – a great example of how flat roofs in Amsterdam can be put to better use. Let's play ball!

Play in a brass band (sign up required)

In this workshop for young people, you will learn what it is like to play in a real brass band. Experienced trainers will teach you from Ritmo Percussion (winner of Battle of Drums 2019) as you learn more about technique, rhythm and teamwork. Drums, please!

Exemplary Food Garden

Immerse yourself in the green oasis of the Exemplary Food Garden. Learn all about spinach, peas and chickens by visiting the permanent exhibition. Ask the gardeners questions and go out into the neighbourhood to pick ingredients to make a local pesto.

BijlmAIR Open Studio

Visual artists Rinaldo Klas, Moritz Ebinger and Maartje Jaquet invite you to admire their joint work as part of the BijlmAIR (Bijlmer Artist-in-Residence) programme. Take a look into the 'birdcage' of the three artists and see with your own eyes how the work progresses, which will be exhibited in CBK Zuidoost at the end of this year.


Musical talent on stage at the festival heart

Meet all the musical talent from Heesterveld Creative Hub, who will be taking to the stage. Great DJs and good vibes are guaranteed during this musical afternoon at the festival heart of 24H Zuidoost!

The Bijlmer integration course

Have you just moved to Zuidoost and want to know more about the neighbourhood? Then it's time for a little integration course! Test what you know and don't know about Zuidoost during this fun and educational 24H Zuidoost quiz, led by quizmaster Chiel Griffioen. In collaboration with Hondsrugpark.

Lively creative hub and architecture walk

Lola Buitenpost opens its doors today as a lively creative hub of 24H Zuidoost. Dive into the G-neighbourhood on an architecture walk with the house architects and co-founders of Lola Buitenpost, Arjan & Peter.

All about bees, honey and natural cosmetics (fully booked)

During 24H Zuidoost, urban beekeeper Michael Ferdinandus will teach you all about bees, honey and natural cosmetics. Drop by to hear what it's like to be a city beekeeper in Zuidoost. And: how honey products can be used as a natural alternative for cosmetics!

Jazz and high tea at the Bijlmerpark Theatre

During a delicious high tea, Graziëlla Hunsel Rivero, the first lady of jazz' from Zuidoost, will perform songs with pianist Pieter van Santen. The songs are linked to Zuidoost jazz icons Boy Edgar and Anita Porcelijn, who laid the foundation for jazz in this part of Amsterdam.

Family treasure hunt: crack the code

Discoverers wanted! Head over to the stall at Oma Ietje, pick up your scavenger hunt and venture out on the road to photo locations in the Amstel III district. One extra reason to participate? There are prizes to be won!

Creative Kruitberg: a look into Open Ateliers Zuidoost

The Kruitberg artists will open their studios and welcome visitors to look at what they’ve been getting up to. You can also admire an exhibition of recent work by Delano MacAndrew.

Living room performance (sign up required)

At the Heesterveld Creative Community, the Youth Theatre School Zuidoost (JTSZO) presents the living room performance 'Bovenkamer'. This performance is about the ever-increasing pressure that young people feel. How does this affect them, are they still allowed to have fun and is there still hope?

Delicious Stories with the VoorleesExpress (4+) (sign up required)

Especially for children: come to the OBA Bijlmer Public Library during 24H Zuidoost and let the VoorleesExpress carry you away with special stories about food.

Innovative tour of the Johan Cruijff Arena (fully booked)

The Johan Cruijff Arena is one of the most sustainable football stadiums in the world. During this innovative tour, you can learn all about the 'mega battery', see how 'smart' the Amsterdam football temple is and go behind the scenes of where all your favourite Ajax players usually hang out: in the dressing room!

Insanely beautiful street art

Discover the gigantic murals of Zuidoost during an inspiring tour! Walking past apartment blocks with impressive street art on the facades, you will listen to the stories surrounding these works of art, the artists, the neighbourhood and its inhabitants.

OSCAM live radio with Look Around x Echobox Radio

Always wanted to attend a live radio show? Grab your chance at OSCAM during the three-hour live radio programme, Look Around x Echobox. Together, makers and audience members will take a closer look at current themes such as emancipation, gender diversity, racism and more.

Discover your talent at School 2 Community (12+) (sign up required)

Don't know what kind of talent you have hidden away? At School 2 Community, young people can learn through various workshops that anyone can make something extraordinary out of nothing, from rapping and singing to Afrodance, glamorising your clothes, making podcasts and much more. Even better: after the workshops, all the unexplored talents can present their newly acquired skills!

A lesson in green sustainability

Brush up on your knowledge of sustainability and more at the Groene Hub! From insulating your home and lowering your energy bill, you'll return home brimming with new knowledge. You can also enjoy a snack and a drink in the green playground.

Discover the flavours of Amsterdam Zuidoost

Immerse yourself in a culinary programme for young and old at the OBA BijlmerPlein Public Library. Get to know the Zuidoost kitchen with a mini-cooking workshop for children, admire beautiful cookery books, listen to stories about food and eating habits and view the exhibition on culinary heritage. In cooperation with Imagine IC.

A look behind the scenes at the Vitrine van Zuidoost

At Imagine IC, the pop-up exhibition 'From heron to pom on the menu' at the contemporary Vitrine van Zuidoost takes a look at culinary heritage. Get a tasty 'look behind the scenes' of Mavis Hofwijk from the Surinamese Buffet, a culinary legend from Zuidoost who is famous in Amsterdam.

Out of the taboo sphere

Sieglien Emanuel transformed an empty shop into a pleasant home base where children and neighbours can always mingle. During 24H Zuidoost, use the 'Praatbox' to talk about various taboo subjects.

Do it yourself at skatepark Kraaiennest

Feast your eyes on a real skateboard demonstration at Amsterdam Skatemates. This skatepark in the K-neighbourhood was designed and built by local skaters and neighbourhood residents. Admire the cool tricks, enjoy the music and tuck into some healthy snacks!

What is the musical identity of Amsterdam Zuidoost?

At Buurtverhalenvertellers (Neighbourhood Storytellers) in OBA Reigersbos local residents will tell each other stories on the subject of music. Of course, such stories cannot be told in silence, so that's why local musicians will also perform live!

Club Kids

Something as beautiful as music should be accessible to everyone. DGAI Music School organises a weekly music lessons in Zuidoost, and today EFE Venue will be taken over by the children. Get your dancing shoes out of the closet and celebrate art and culture together!

(Spiritual) encounters in the Kleiklooster

Kleiklooster is a Christian community in one of the original Bijlmer flats, Kleiburg. During 24H Zuidoost, the monastery is open and you are welcome to light a candle, have a coffee or enjoy a tasty beer from Brouwerij Kleiburg. You can also hear from the monks what it is like to live in this community.

Hiphop in Brasa Park

Do you like hip-hop, to do it yourself or to watch? During 24H Zuidoost you can head over to Free & Style - a hip-hop dance theatre in Brasa Park where the programme will be packed with workshops, showcases and battles.

Speed dating at Elixer (sign up required)

Are you feeling adventurous and open to meeting new people? Participate in the speed dating evening at restaurant Elixer during 24H Zuidoost. Who knows, you might end up with a new love or friendship! The couple with the best chemistry will also receive a free dinner.

Medley of Ghanaian choir music

The Bijlmer is home to the largest Ghanaian community in the Netherlands, and that means the neighbourhood is also blessed with a lot of music from Ghana. During 24H Zuidoost, the Ghachodam Foundation will bring together all of the local Ghanaian choirs for two dazzling performances full of cheerful and infectious music.

Roller disco and dance workshop (sign up required)

Bring out the child in you and come roller skating during 24H Zuidoost! Learn how to dance smoothly on skates, or if you already know how to: show off all your moves at the spectacular roller disco. You can bring your own skates or rent them at the festival.

Black Pride Ball (sign up required)

As a (dance) ball where the national ballroom community comes together and manifests itself, this unique event is by and for the black queer community. Experience a sizzling atmosphere where black queer identity is celebrated, and feast your eyes on the breathtaking Vogue dancing!

Time for games: Ye Bo Game!

‘Ye Bo Game' is a phrase the gentlemen of Nipheaux/Viral Champion often use during their game nights. It is the Ghanaian dialect (Twi) for 'We are playing the game' and is said when you are having a good time, want to pick yourself up or are already winning. Through games and music, they bring people together to make fun memories.


Meet the artists

For over 30 years, CBK Zuidoost has been a centre for contemporary art with an intercultural and inclusive perspective. In the evening, meet the curator and several artists behind 'Unblocked Tomorrow' – a group exhibition about contradictory future stories. Expect music, snacks and drinks!

Meet Lola BAE (sign up required)

Come and meet Lola Bae, the bubbling and bustling creative breeding ground where media makers, artists and other creatives work. For this event, the venue presents exhibitions, spoken word, live music, film and exciting performances by in-house artists. In collaboration with EFE Venue.

New Metropolis Zuidoost season opening (sign up required)

Join New Metropolis Zuidoost for a heri heri dinner with spoken word and singing performances.

The NEW Amsterdam Blockparty

How does dancing to the finest tunes from different artists and DJs from the neighbourhood sound, whilst enjoying the best food trucks from Zuidoost? Then you need to go to the block party at The NEW Amsterdam cultural centre. This is the place to be for good vibes, dancing and eating! The Blockparty will take place indoors!

Open-air cinema and silent disco in Brasa Park

Prefer to get your feet moving on the dance floor? Then visit the silent disco and live it up to the music of DJs playing various genres from Afrobeat to 70s disco.

Dance till dawn at the 24H afterparty

For the spectacular closing party for 24H Zuidoost, head to the EFE Venue at Lola BAE. During the afterparty, you can dance till dawn to tunes from DJs and live acts. Expect a colourful mix of music styles; from techno and pop to hip hop!