Amsterdam School: Behind the brick facade

Wandering through the city, touches of Renaissance and Art Deco design are evident in Amsterdam's beautiful architecture. But it's the intricate brickwork of the Amsterdam School movement that's really left its mark on the city. Discover the architecture of this home-grown movement through a tour – guided or on your own.

100 years of the Amsterdam School 

The style has roots in Expressionist architecture, borrowing elements from the Jugendstil (Art Nouveau) and Art Deco design aesthetic, and the aim was to create a total architectural experience – so designers paid great attention to both the interior and the exterior of each building. Due to the socialist ideals of its founders, the Amsterdam School style was often applied to housing estates for the working class, government institutions and schools. Many examples of this style can still be found in Amsterdam today, with some of the finest examples including Het Schip (now housing a museum dedicated to the movement) and Het Sieraad.

Amsterdam School Buildings