Top 5 Amsterdam ‘Cattractions’ 

If you’re mad about cats, then make sure you paws (sorry) to check out these top Amsterdam feline-filled cattractions on your next visit to the city. 

Amsterdam Cat Café

Kattencafe Kopjes

Kattencafe Kopjes Amsterdam

Cat lovers will be no stranger to the concept of cat cafes, where visitors can enjoy a cappuccino in the company of lots of lovely mogs. But did you know that Amsterdam has now followed in the paw prints of Tokyo, New York and London with the opening of its first ever cat café? Thanks to a successful crowdfunding scheme by cat-loving entrepreneur Lenny Popelier, the Kattencafe Kopjes now provides a tranquil home for beautiful rescue cats as well as a relaxing environment for a coffee, spot of lunch or cake. Combining chic scandi-design with lots of stimulating apparatus for the cats to climb, perch on and explore, Kopjes is a lovely space for humans and cats alike, and leads us to wonder why we’d ever go anywhere else for coffee. Oh, we should add that there’s a cover charge of three euros per person, which goes towards the cats’ care. Kopjes Cat Café, Amsterdam Oud-West

Cat credentials: 5/5. Cat contact practically guaranteed, plus the chance to order a ‘cattuccino’ as though it’s the most normal thing in the world.

Kattenkabinet cat museum

Kattenkabinet Amsterdam Edwin van Eis

Het Kattenkabinet Amsterdam. Photo by Edwin van Eis

A mieuw-seum that’s wholly devoted to cats, you say? Why yes. That would be the Cat Cabinet, or Kattenkabinet to give it its Dutch name. Founded in 1990 by a wealthy Dutchman in honour of his beloved ginger tom cat (RIP, JP Morgan), the Cat Cabinet is a unique and unusual museum in Amsterdam that celebrates the role of cats in art and literature through the ages, with an astonishing collection of paintings, sculptures, books and posters all dedicated to our four-legged friends. Even those who feel less enthusiasm towards cats can’t fail to be impressed by the Kattenkabinet’s stunning premises; the collection is housed in a 17th century canal residence which could well be a museum in itself. Oh, and you’re fully likely to meet some real-life cats during your visit, as the collection is frequented by five beautiful resident felines. Kattenkabinet, Amsterdam Centrum

Cat credentials: 5/5. If cats go there themselves, then it must be good.

The Cat Boat

Poezenboot Amsterdam CC BY-SA 3.0 Oxyman via Wikimedia Commons

De Poezenboot. Photo: CC BY-SA 3.0 Oxyman via Wikimedia Commons

It’s fair to say that most cats dislike water. But not the mariner moggies at the Catboat; a refuge for stray and abandoned felines floating on Amsterdam’s picturesque Singel canal. Founded in 1966 to give shelter and sanctuary to cats in Amsterdam, the Catboat (De Poezenboot) is now famous to cat lovers all around the world. Because who doesn’t love the idea of cats living on a boat? Over the years the Catboat has been expanded and refurbished to provide high-quality accommodation for stray and abandoned kitties, meeting all the requirements for a modern animal sanctuary. The Catboat welcomes visitors every afternoon from 13:00 – 15:00, except for Wednesdays and Sundays when the cats enjoy some downtime. Donations are gladly received, as are unwanted cat toys, old newspapers and accessories. De Poezenboot, Amsterdam Centrum

Cat credentials: 4/5. The only downside is that you’ll want to take all the cats home.

Cats & Things

Cats & Things 

Cat lovers will want to get their paws on practically everything in this feline-themed Aladdin’s cave in Amsterdam’s pretty canal ring. Much more than just a pet store, Cats & Things takes cat collectibles to the next level with its huge selection of cat-related treats, gifts and things with cats on that you never even knew you needed. Catty art prints, ornaments, cushions, jewellery and champagne glasses are just a few of the items on sale, as well as a vast range of food, toys, stylish beds, carriers and designer accessories for that special cat in your life. Shop assistants include a few real-life cats, always ready to help you pick out a great gift for your feline friend – or let you stroke them at the very least. Cats & Things, Amsterdam Centrum

Cat credentials: 4/5. They had us at cat-shaped tea cosy. 

Pub cats of Amsterdam

Wolf Cafe de Prins Amsterdam CC by Liselore Kamping

‘Wolf’ at Cafe de Prins Amsterdam. Photo by Liselore Kamping

Don’t be alarmed when drinking in one of Amsterdam’s cafes or pubs if you feel a furry little body rubbing up against your leg. It’s (hopefully) not an overfriendly local; just one of the city’s many pub cats. These four-legged drinking buddies help keep the pubs’ canalside yards and cellars free from unwanted wildlife, as well as providing a warm welcome to visitors. Some of the most famous pub cats in Amsterdam include Claus at Café Bax (Ten Katestraat) and Wolf; the famously surly moggy at Café de Prins. You ‘ll find these and more in Robert van Willigenburg’s photo book Amsterdam Pub Cats, available in the American Book Center in Amsterdam. 

Cat credentials: 4/5. Seek and ye shall find.