Taste sensations

Puccini Bomboni’s bonbons are the perfect treat, either to spoil someone special or to take home and savour for yourself. These little bombs of pure bliss combine quality ingredients with chocolate from suppliers who use sustainable farming techniques, pay fair wages, forbids child labour and provide opportunities for women.

Puccini is adventurous when it comes to flavour combinations. Think pepper encrusted or honey infused ganache, or thyme, sweet pepper or lemongrass. If you love your chocolate rich and lavish try the rhubarb, which swims in a white chocolate ganache encased in dark chocolate dusted with cacao. Or the decadent gianduja, a signature bonbon bursting with flavour. What’s more, each one of Puccini’s bonbons is like a miniature work of art as the milk walnut, calvados and cranberry options attest. Chocolate doesn’t get much more luxurious than these morsels.