Sustainable beauty brand

Marie-Stella-Maris makes paraben-free natural care products and also distributes mineral waters sourced locally, from the Dutch town of Hoensbroek – less than 200km away from Amsterdam – and the St. Nikolaus spring in the Rhine region. For each purchased product, the company donates a fixed amount. Each month, the total contribution raised through sales by Marie-Stella-Maris goes to its eponymous foundation in support of clean drinking water projects. The foundation has already been involved in eight such initiatives, helping 17,000 people in countries such as Bangladesh, Tanzania and Uganda get access to safe drinking water. In 2015, they aim to bring clean water to a further 5,000 people. Shopping alone cannot save the world, but if you want to contribute to Marie-Stella-Maris’ lofty goal while pampering your skin and quenching your thirst, hit up their flagship store on the Keizersgracht and check out small retailers such as Dutch sustainability-driven supermarket Marqt.