Shopping and dining in the Jordaan

The New York Times describes Amsterdam’s Nine Streets as ‘a charming mixture of designer boutiques, art galleries, vintage clothing stores, gift shops and places to eat and drink’ and with good reason. This part of the city centre, tucked away behind the Royal Palace on Dam Square, is popular among shoppers hunting for specialty products and unique gifts.

The streets are a paradise for pedestrians, offering idyllic views of the city’s 17th century architecture and Canal Belt, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Almost like a neighbourhood of its own, the actual street names (Reestraat, Hartenstraat, Gast-Huismolensteeg, Berenstraat, Wolvenstraat, Oude Spiegelstraat, Runstraat, Huidenstraat and Wijde Heisteeg) are less recognisable, as locals often speak of their favourite shops and bars tucked away ‘somewhere in the Nine Streets!’.