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Slurp-worthy ramen in Amsterdam

Like sprouting shiitake mushrooms, ramen joints have taken root across Amsterdam, offering a warm umami embrace that will transport you straight to the side streets of Tokyo. Here’s our roundup of the most slurp-worthy bowls - you’ll be dashing to try them faster than you can emulsify a 72-hour bone broth.

Sapporo Ramen SORA

Sapporo Ramen SORA specialises in the delicate art of broth making with eclectic kitsch decor that will transport you straight to Japan’s colourful streets. Packed with deep and complex umami flavours, the shoyu (strong and cloudy made from pork bones) and miso (fermented soybean) ramens are the stars. These can be spiced with toppings like bean sprouts, seaweed, roasted pork and vegetables. Tasty sides like gyoza (dumplings), chicken teriyaki and panko-breaded shrimp are essential.

Sapporo Ramen Sora | Marco Polostraat 223H, De Baarsjes / Ceintuurbaan 49, De Pijp

Men Impossible

Tucked away near the charming 9 Streets district, Men Impossible serves heavenly ramen with an extraordinary twist: it's all entirely vegan, organic, and zero waste. Every dish is a harmonious blend of flavours, and the ramen, katsu, and tempura will leave even non-vegans craving more. In this cosy lounge-like restaurant, ethical dining and incredible taste are beautifully intertwined.

Men Impossible | Hazenstraat 19H, Centrum


The first Malatang ramen restaurant in Amsterdam, the Mogu concept allows you to craft your own masterpiece bowl of soup. Grab a bowl, fill it with your favourite ingredients (a variety of mushrooms, noodles, veggies and proteins), have it weighed and choose one of three richly flavoured broths to go with it - including Japanese Miso, Thai Tom Kha or a Sichuan Style soup base. Next, pick a selection of flavour-adding toppings, sit down and enjoy.

Sustainability fact: Mogu works with fresh ingredients every week, meaning that on Saturday (their last opening day), the ingredients available will be less varied. But this also means that there is less food wasted, and everything is always fresh.

Mogu | Admiraal de Ruijterweg 334A, Bos en Lommer

Fuku Ramen

Fuku Ramen Amsterdam signature ramen.
Image from Fuku Ramen Amsterdam

Fuku Ramen made its mark during the pandemic with DIY ramen kits that garnered a cult following. Now, with a permanent location in Oost, the ramen joint continues to innovate and experiment with creative interpretations. Chef Jakub and Aleksandra's dedication to the craft is evident, and their mission is simple: homemade noodles, local ingredients, and juicy sake. Every week you can expect weekly-changing ramen specials, including a range of izakaya-inspired plates to share.

Fuku Ramen | Ingogostraat 14A, Oost

Fou Fow Ramen

Fou Fow is known for its delicious ramen made with various broth types and delicious toppings. For the carnivores, the Tonkotsu (creamy pork bone) and Tan Tan Men (full of spices like Sichuan peppers and star anise) are stand-out, but the vegetarian ramen (made with kelp and dried shiitake as a base) is another real treat. Fou Fow has two locations for ramen, on Elandsgracht and Van Woustraat, and a third on Prinsengracht catering to all things udon.

Fou Fow Ramen | Elandsgracht 2a, Centrum / Van Woustraat 3, De Pijp

Hakata Senpachi

Hakata Senpachi restaurant signature dishes
Image from Hakata Senpachi

Known for its straightforward approach and delectable offerings, Hakata Senpachi is a beacon for authentic Japanese dining in Amsterdam Zuid. Their homemade tonkotsu (pork bone) and vegetarian miso ramen are elegant and refined, allowing the flavours to speak for themselves. Pair this with some agedashi tofu or yakitori skewers on the side for a treat that perfectly complements the rich ramen broth.

Hakata Senpachi | Wielingenstraat 16, Zuid

Ramen Kingdom

Widely applauded as the highest-rated broth in Amsterdam - and the queue down the street is further testament to that - Ramen Kingdom feels like you’ve stepped into a Tokyo ramen bar. Diners sit along the counter with a view of the open kitchen, whilst the remaining walls are adorned with beautiful mango and anime artwork. Don’t miss the spicier bowls for a perfectly-balanced chilli kick to wake you up.

Ramen Kingdom | Prins Hendrikkade 83H, Centrum


The spotlight is on freshness at Ramen-Ya - a noodle bar that prepares ramen right before your eyes, and the chef's journey to Japan to master the art shines through in every bowl. With a diverse selection of ramen types, toppings, and side dishes, Ramen-Ya ensures that every visit is a new experience. For the intrepid eaters, conquering the Mount Fuji bowl is a badge of honour. If you finish it, your picture goes on the wall!

Ramen-Ya | Oudezijds Voorburgwal 236, Centrum