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EdelBites dumplings
Image from EdelBites

Dumplings from around the world in Amsterdam

Pick a nation, and odds are, the humble dumpling has a place in its culinary heritage. But can these dumplings of the world be found in Amsterdam? We’re on a mission to prove that they can, with a selection of restaurants that will introduce you to more dumplings than you knew existed! From Turkish manti to varenyky and momos, you can eat your way across the world in Amsterdam.

Batoni Khinkali

Khinkali–a Georgian dumpling with a signature twisted top–can now be found just a couple minutes walk away from the Vondelpark, in the heart of Oud-Zuid. The khinkali here are filled to the brim with meat, cheese or mushrooms, depending on your preference.

Batoni Khinkali | Willemsparkweg 177

Bhatti Pasal

If you’re on the hunt for momos: steamed filled dumplings popular in Tibet and Nepal, as well as neighbouring countries, you will find that very authentic flavour at Bhatti Pasal served with sesame or tomato and coriander sauce. The menu also boasts chilli momos and pan-fried options. Every kind of momo can be filled with either vegetables, chicken or pork.

Bhatti Pasal | Voetboogstraat 23

Full Moon Garden

There are many places to find delicious dim sum in Amsterdam: small food, most often dumplings, accompanied by tea. But if you have to choose one such place, you can’t go wrong with Full Moon Garden: an unassuming restaurant right in the heart of the Leidseplein area, with an extensive dim sum menu and a special set selection that will take off the pressure to choose.

Full Moon Garden | Leidsestraat 95

Miri Mary

If you’re a fan of samosas - fried South Asian savoury pastries, then don’t miss the sweet potato samosas on the Miri Mary menu. Stuffed with smoked sweet potato and served with pickled chilli aioli, these delicious hot pockets of goodness are bound to hit the spot.

Miri Mary | Van der Helstplein 15H


Turkish manti, unlike their Central Asian cousins, are more often baked or boiled. You will find traditional Turkish manti prepared in two ways in Florya: fried and served with yoghurt and dill or boiled, served with yoghurt and seasoned tomato sauce.

Florya | Bos en Lommerplantsoen 10

Natalia’s Kitchen Hilversum

A trip out to Hilversum is very much warranted for some delicious Ukrainian dumplings. Natalia’s Kitchen serves pelmeni, which are traditional meat dumplings, and both Ukrainian and Polish pierogi with various fillings.

Natalia’s Kitchen Hilversum | Gijsbrecht van Amstelstraat 111, Hilversum


If you’ve never had varenyky, you’re in for a treat: this dumpling can be both savoury and sweet. At Borscht, you will find varenyky filled with potato or meat and a well-loved variety of sweet varenyky made with delicious sour cherries. Totally worth the journey!

Borscht | Stationsweg 14, Alkmaar


Hongdae’s menu is a celebration of Korean street food, and that includes mandu: scrumptious dumplings with a topping of sesame seeds and spring onions. They come in both deep-fried and steamed options, filled with either chicken or vegetables.

Hongdae | Lange Leidsedwarsstraat 57

Mr. Gyoza

Couples sitting at interior of restaurant Mr Gyoza on Eerste Helmersstraat 174
Image from Bruna Zelic

Gyoza, a crescent-shaped dumpling with its perfectly crunchy pan-fried bottom, is well-deserving of the special treatment it’s awarded at Mr. Gyoza, a Japanese eatery with a single focus. Here, you will find homemade gyozas with no extra additives and a wide array of fillings that range from lamb kebab to forest mushrooms, smoked mackerel and even korma cauliflower.

Mr. Gyoza | Eerste Helmersstraat 174H

Baires Empanadas & Pastelería

Stop by for some delectable Argentinian empanadas at Baires Empanadas. With over 20 varieties of empanada with an incredible breadth of fillings, there’s something here for everyone. Whether you lean towards a spicy stewed beef La Norteña empanada or a Belgrano with Cabrales blue cheese and cranberries, we can guarantee that you’ll find flavours worth indulging in.

Baires Empanadas & Pastelería | Bilderdijkkade 25

Holy Ravioli

Ravioli: this famed Italian pasta with filling is taken extra seriously at Holy Ravioli. Prepare to rediscover the classic with fillings such as spinach and ricotta and more unusual options, including crayfish, ginger and Thai basil. And if you’re feeling particularly adventurous, there’s the added option of trying the ravioli of the week and of the month!

Holy Ravioli | Nieuwpoortkade 11

Edel Bites

Edel Bites brings a modern fusion twist to the dumpling concept where the Austrian roots of kasnudeln have been transformed to reimagine filled pasta with various flavours from all over the world. The fillings on the menu are reminiscent of Greece, Italy, France, and other countries, complete with sweet options such as apple-cinnamon-filled Edel Bites.

Edel Bites | Eerste van der Helststraat 27


There’s dim sum, and there’s jiaozi: delectable Chinese dumplings. You will find some of the city’s best in an unassuming food stand right by the Westerpark. Made both boiled and fried, these delicious pockets of flavour come in vegetarian and meat-filled options with an extra topping of chili oil. Settle in by the water and enjoy a satisfying meal.

Dumplings | Nassauplein 60