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Best bubble tea in Amsterdam

The Taiwanese cold tea drink that took over the world is thankfully growing in popularity in Amsterdam. In this round-up, we’re taking you straight to the source of the best bubble tea in Amsterdam, the most authentic spots and the most varied menus. If you love tapioca pearls, are desperate for a cheese foam bubble tea or are in search of the best brown sugar boba, this guide is for you.

Chun Café

One of the city’s favourites is the Chun Café, in the heart of the Nine Streets. This cosy bubble tea shop has got everything from cheese foam tea to fruity options, classic Matcha latte and even Yakult tea. Everything is customizable, so you can add as much sugar and ice as you like, as well as extra toppings from tapioca and lychee jelly to pudding and red beans. 

Chun Café | Berenstraat 8 


Hidden in the very centre of Amsterdam, SooTea is probably the most Instagrammable boba tea shop around. The cute pink interior carries over to the cups that have a unique design, so you might have to pay a tad extra for that. Every tea boasts a hilarious name. Will it be a ‘Let Your Man-Go Coconut’ or a ‘You Play Tiktok Too Matcha’? There’s a big variety of alternative options from soya milk to coconut and oat milk as well.

SooTea | Sint Luciënsteeg 19

Tea Guys

You will find Tea Guys on the Albert Cuypstraat, making every tea imaginable. Don’t miss the taro milk tea with cream cheese and tapioca if you don’t know what to go for. If you’re in for the fruity option, the mango cream will transport you straight to Asia. Or go for the classic brown sugar tea.

Tea Guys | Albert Cuypstraat 61-H

Hey Cha Tea Company

Hey Cha Tea Company on Gelderlandplein has lots of bubble tea as well as bingsu, a Korean shaved ice dessert. One of the tea specialities is the Chinese dessert Zebra milk: black sesame paste with sweet almond, boba pearls and a cream cap. Hey Cha Tea’s menu has lots of variety bringing in lots of flavours from all over Asia, such as the Sakura strawberry milk with Matcha tea and boba pearls and the Dalgona from Korea, reminiscent of a flipped cappuccino with frothy coffee on top and whole milk underneath and a touch of condensed milk for sweetness.

Hey Cha Tea Company | Van Leijenberghlaan 140

Jen's Bing - Bubble tea & Taiwanese food

Jen’s Bing brings you closer to Taiwan, with everything from tapioca milk teas to fresh and fruity hibiscus, lemonade, brown sugar boba, cold milk foam and more. Sugar and ice are adjustable and there are great toppings to choose from such as brown sugar bubble or coconut jelly. Oat milk, soy and coconut are also on the menu. If you need a pick-me-up, check out the Dan Bing crispy wraps or the bao buns. 

Jen's Bing | Jan Hanzenstraat 21

YoYo! Bubble Tea Bar

YoYo! Bubble Tea Bar has two locations: at Zeedijk and Ferdinand Bolstraat. You will find all of the classics from taro milk tea to brown sugar and Matcha latte, as well as the YoYo! Signature Earl Grey milk tea, a sweetened Mountain Oolong Tea and others. You can also create your own bubble tea combo or pick up one of the hot beverages.

YoYo! Bubble Tea Bar | Ferdinand Bolstraat 63 & Zeedijk 98-100


Within walking distance to the Museumplein, Biu!Tea brings the full boba tea range with signature drinks such as the Matcha latte with red bean and tapioca, or the characteristically purple Taro Milk Frozen Smoothie. There are more unusual options as well, such as the Osmanthus Oolong Tea combined with a cheese cream cap. The menu is expanded further with energy teas made with Red Jujube and Longan - a tropical fruit that bears a similarity to lychees. With every drink, you can customize the sweetness level to your liking.

Biu!Tea | Van Baerlestraat 45h

ChaTime Amsterdam

ChaTime has a reputation for authentic Taiwanese bubble tea. Their signature milk teas, which are all available with oat milk as well, are the Genmaicha, Earl Grey and a classic pearl. There are delicious flavoured options, such as chocolate malt and hazelnut, brown sugar teas, and fresh and fruity teas with a jelly topping, from mango to Peachy Lychee. Or, you can combine both and go for a jelly and juice combo, which means you get half tapioca pearls and half coconut jelly. The sky is the limit.

ChaTime | Kalverstraat 139

T's Teabar

T’s Teabar is primarily a loose-leaf tea store, but they also make incredible bubble tea to go. There’s a Matcha latte with delicious tapioca, pink milky chai, red cappuccino and much more.

T's Teabar | Jan Evertsenstraat 89h