Pancake party on the water

If you’re ready to take a pancake cruise, you’ll find the Pancake Boat docked in Amsterdam Noord next to the NDSM Wharf ferry stop. You can choose from a number of cruises – either one hour or two and a half hours long. For a set price, everyone can eat as many pancakes as they like with a variety of tasty toppings. Besides pancakes, there are a number of other special trips, like the Mexican wrap cruise, brunch cruise, Valentine’s cruise or Sinterklaas cruise. Every Wednesday afternoon, they boat is reserved for children’s parties and offers additional activities.

Celebrate on the Pancake Boat

Whether you’re planning a company outing or celebrating an anniversary or birthday, you can rent out the Pancake Boat for your event. A variety of days and times are available and the boat can accommodate up to 120 passengers.

Design your own trip

Consult the captain to plan a special party or day trip on the Pancake Boat that’s customized for your group. For example, you could cycle through the Waterland area and enjoy a pancake buffet afterwards. Or play a round of ‘farmer golf’ in the Dutch countryside followed by lunch on the Pancake Boat. There are plenty of options! If you’d like to reserve the Pancake Boat exclusively for a special event, tour or day trip, it can be arranged for groups of 30 or more passengers.

Pancake Boat does accept cash, pin, Visa and/or Mastercard.