Dim sum is the perfect meal for picky eaters: you can fill your plate with dozens of dumplings, all stuffed with different fillings for a surprising, adventurous meal. When you’re in the mood to taste the flavours of Chinese cuisine – all the flavours, that is – check out one of the best dim sum restaurants in Amsterdam.

Oriental City

Oriental City Amsterdam

A low key, unassuming dim sum spot in the centre of Amsterdam, Oriental City doesn’t have the glitz and glamour of a fancy eatery – but its food does. Its chefs have come straight from Hong Kong, bringing with them all the skill and knowhow of creating the most delicious dim sum in Amsterdam. Choose from over 60 dishes – and if the staff are in a good mood, you may get a free pot of jasmine tea.  

Oriental City // Oudezijds Voorburgwal 177-179

Sea Palace

Sea Palace Amsterdam

You just can’t miss Sea Palace – it is, after all, a massive pagoda-style restaurant floating on the water just outside Amsterdam Central Station. Its inside is just as impressive, with glowing lanterns illuminating its golden décor. The dim sum menu, available from 12:00 to 16:00 every day, features dozens of hot and cold dishes to share with friends and family. Make sure you try to get a seat next to the window, so you can enjoy the sights as much as the food!

Sea Palace // Oosterdokskade 8

One Dim Sum

One Dim Sum Amsterdam

One of the chicest dim sum places on the list, One Dim Sum has all the marks of a high-class restaurant. Its subdued, modern décor belies the traditional, homely dim sum you’ll experience once you’re served your first bites: vegetarian spring rolls, stuffed eggplant, minced pork wontons, steamed pork buns or one of the dozens of other dishes.

One Dim Sum // Overtoom 109

New King

New King Amsterdam

For some of the best dim sum in the centre of Amsterdam, head to New King, located right on the Zeedijk – though you may need a little luck to get a seat, as there are no reservations and the place is usually packed with locals as well as tourists. Besides the delightful dim sum, try its wonton soup or, if you’re still hungry enough, the chef’s specialty: Peking duck.  

New King // Zeedijk 115-117

Hoi Tin

Hoi Tin Amsterdam

For simple, affordable dim sum in the heart of Amsterdam, Hoi Tin is where to be. The restaurant caters to locals as well as tourists, with a dim sum menu that’s just large enough to impress but not too large to confuse. Fried prawn, honey BBQ pork, turnip cakes and more are on the menu, allowing guests to have a real dim sum experience that won’t break the bank.

Hoi Tin // Zeedijk 122-124

Dim Sum Now

Dim Sum Now Amsterdam

When you walk into Dim Sum Now, you’ll be immediately overcome with the scrumptious scent of “baskets of steamy goodness,” as their neon signs says. Everything is made fresh at Dim Sum Now, and the dim sum is offered in convenient ‘mixes’: grab a dim sum on the run for a light, one-person meal, or opt for the Disco Dim Sum for 20 pieces to share (or, if your appetite is large, to gobble down yourself!).

Dim Sum Now // Ferdinand Bolstraat 36

Cha House

Cha House Amsterdam

At Cha House, located just outside Oosterpark, dim sum is only part of the experience – but the dishes they do have are simply delicious. Pair your dim sum with a few pieces of sushi, some ramen or other Chinese and Japanese specialties for a culinary trip around Asia; your taste buds will thank you.

Cha House // Linnaeusstraat 18

Dim Sum Thing

Dim Sum Thing Amsterdam

Located in the Foodhallen in Amsterdam Oud-West, Dim Sum Thing is where you go when you want dim sum fast. Order at the stall and lean against one of the tables – or the wall, if it’s particularly busy – to enjoy your selection of dim “sumthing”: the Lotus Flowerbomb features sticky rice with chicken and shrimp, while the Sweety Sesame Ball is stuffed with a tasty red bean paste.

Dim Sum Thing // Bellamyplein 51

Ron Gastrobar Oriental

Ron Gastrobar Oriental Amsterdam

At Ron Gastrobar Oriental, dim sum is elevated to a high-class, fine-dining experience. Traditional dim sum dishes are given an international flair with flavours from around the world, and the glamorous, Asian-fusion décor gives you that oh-so fancy feeling. The prices do match the impeccable service, the food and the beautiful décor, so don’t be surprised when you’re served the bill!

Ron Gastrobar Oriental // Kerkstraat 23

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