Beer & chicken 

Aside from the impressive selection of tap and bottled beer on offer, head along for lunch or dinner – the latter including their famous chicken roasted on a spit.

At De Biertuin you have a wide choice of (tap) beer, tasty lunch dishes, all kinds of snacks and in the evening six classic main courses, including their specialty: chicken from the spit. The long beer tables are outside all year round, so join us!

Other locations of the Biertuin

In addition to the Biertuin in East, you can also go to the branch in the center of the city. You can find this at Prinsengracht 494. If you want to make a reservation, mail to

In Bos en Lommer you will find the third location of the Biertuin at 135 Jan Evertsenstraat. To make a reservation, mail to

To know more about us and our menus or take away options go to the website for all information.