Cycle route highlights:

Nature Park Lelystad

Spot otters, storks, wild boar, moose, European bison and Père David deer (indigenous to China). The animals are not always easy to find but, conveniently, the otters are fed daily at 3 pm. The foresters at the visitor centre are happy to tell you all about the park and the latest animal news. Restaurant Hajé is located in its centre, perfect for a coffee break or a tasty, healthy lunch.


For aviation enthusiasts, the Aviodrome is a nice stop with flight simulators, a 4D cinema experience and a unique collection of over 100 aircraft. It is about 3 extra miles (5 km) by bike, so the distance is manageable.


Batavialand brings the Dutch relationship with water to life. Impoldering, dyke building and evidence of global voyages are all apparent here. Several ferries also depart from here to the newest land in the area: the Marker Wadden.

Rent a bike

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