Volunteering in Amsterdam

The Vrijwilligers Centrale Amsterdam (Volunteer Centre Amsterdam) is a city-wide organisation that assists people in finding volunteer work and supports and advises volunteering organisations. Since the majority of the site and many of the vacancies posted online are in Dutch, the VCA is happy to work personally with English-speakers to help them find volunteer opportunities based on their skills and interests – you can schedule an appointment via phone or email.

What customers say

“I learned that all types of people are willing to give their time and skills selflessly to help others. So, when I came to Amsterdam, I knew I would like to do volunteering for the Food bank.”

- Nick

"My volunteer work started very spontaneously. Once, someone came up to me and invited me to join a youth exchange project. I decided to just go for it. It was a huge step out of my comfort zone and it helped me to become a more open, brave person.”

- Karina

“Helping people and making them happy, makes me happy. That is why I volunteer. It is a nice way to practise my Dutch language.”

- Maria

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