Which services are charged for?

IN Amsterdam charges for services which are in addition to those of the IND and the Personal Records Database (please note that payment in cash is not possible.) The application fees for the standard permit provision by the IND will remain consistent and the registration for the Personal Records Database at Amsterdam City Hall will continue to be free of charge.

Service fees in 2021  

Below is a detailed overview of IN Amsterdam’s service fees. From 2021 the fees will be annually indexed.

  2020 (excl. VAT)           2021 (excl. VAT)              
Combined procedure*
Highly skilled migrant non-EU
€210 €214

Partner non-EU €105

Child non-EU

Single immigration procedure (first application and extension)
Highly skilled migrant non-EU

Partner non-EU

Child non-EU €35

Single procedure (municipal registration/RNI**/BSN)
Highly skilled migrant
€50 €51

Partner EU or non-EU €25 €26

Child EU or non-EU €12.50 €13

* Municipal registration/BSN combined with immigration procedure
** RNI refers to a stay of less than 4 months 

Fees for collecting residence permits

Collecting residence permits for an extension or a change in residence status is known as the 'single immigration procedure (extension)' and a corresponding fee applies. See our 2020 service update for more information about fees.


  • No payment of service fees will be required from those in the position of scientific researchers/employees of scientific institutions, organisations and companies admitted to Directive 2005/71/EG. Click here to view the full list of businesses, institutions and organisations that are included in Directive 2005/71/EG
  • Bachelors’ and masters’ graduates are exempt from paying fees for their Orientation Year Permit granted by the IND.
  • Recipients of the Startup Visa, granted by the IND, are exempt from paying fees.
  • If your company (or their intermediary) has a contract with IN Amsterdam, the invoice will be sent directly to them.