Why do you need a DigiD?

When you are taking care of official matters in the Netherlands – be it related to municipal issues, healthcare, policing or pensions – your online data is secured by the national DigiD system, which is connected directly to your citizen service number (burgerservicenummer, BSN) and home address. Your personal DigiD consists of a username and password of your choice.

Typically, you should also connect your mobile phone number to your account, as many services require SMS verification when logging in. Your DigiD is your unique online identification, in the same way that your passport or driving licence is your identification offline.

How to apply for a DigiD

More information on DigiD can be found on the official DigiD website. On this site, you can also apply directly for a DigiD password and username (if you see the online application form in Dutch, simply choose English from the language selector).

Please note: after applying for a new DigiD login, an activation code will be sent to your home address within five days. This is an extra level of security to ensure that a fraudster cannot easily request a DigiD login on your behalf.

Online safety with DigiD

As with any important online passwords, your DigiD is private and should not be shared. You will never be asked to give your DigiD password over the phone, by post or by email. Be especially aware of any phishing emails that you request you click a link and submit your DigiD login. Read more safety tips.