Financial matters

Find out more about financial matters in the Amsterdam Area: how to open a bank account, what kind of taxes to pay (and how!), what types of insurance there are and how to arrange a DigiD.

Arranging financial affairs in the Amsterdam Area

When moving to another country, financial issues are usually among the more bewildering things to understand and take care of. From seemingly straightforward tasks such as opening a bank account to working out what kind of insurances to take out and how social security works, there is a lot to get into. Find some information to start you off below.

30% ruling

Get to know the benefits of the 30% reimbursement ruling for highly skilled migrants and see if the tax advantage applies to you.

Opening a bank account

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To receive your salary and pay expenses you need to open a bank account. 

How to file your taxes

Find out all about filing your taxes in the Netherlands to make sure you're ready for the deadline.

Get your DigiD digital signature

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Many official organisations in the Netherlands require you to use a digital signature called ‘DigiD’ in order to access their online services.

Arrange insurance

Though you aren’t required to be covered, things like liability insurance are highly recommended, so it’s good to know about your options.

Dutch state pension

The Dutch AOW pension (paid under the National Old Age Pensions Act, AOW) is the basic state pension.

Social security and insurances

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The Sociale Verzekeringsbank (SVB) is the organisation that implements national insurance schemes in the Netherlands.

Types of taxes

Amsterdam Belastingdienst envelope CC BY-SA 2.0 Mystic Mabel via Flickr
Various taxes apply to everyone in the Netherlands, such as state taxes on income, wealth and assets as well as local government taxes.