Since 1986, the HSV International Primary School has provided primary-aged children with exceptional educational experiences. The HSV provides an international education in a Dutch context for students from diverse backgrounds. Their curriculum offers specialist teaching in the areas of gym, music and handicraft. The school also offers Dutch language lessons and culture lessons for all age groups, as well as English as an Additional Language for children who require extra support. The school follows the International Primary Curriculum alongside the UK Framework of the National Literacy Strategy and National Numeracy Strategy.

HSV International Primary School has four locations in The Hague

KSS Location: Koningin Sophiestraat 24a, 2595 TG Den Haag

NSL Location: Nassaulaan 26, 2514 JT Den Haag

VNS Location: Van Nijenrodestraat 16, 2597 RM Den Haag

VHS Location: Van Heutszstraat 12, 2593 PJ Den Haag