Find the right Dutch course for you

Learning a language is different for everyone, and each of these courses varies in teaching style, outcome, course materials, price and class structure. Check the schools’ websites for open days, or arrange to sit in on a lesson to get a feel for the class before you sign up. Read on for a list of the major organisations that offer Dutch language courses as well as tips on finding a private tutor. In Amsterdam, some Dutch courses are also available to eligible residents for free.

Language schools that are partners of IN Amsterdam

Alliance Française Amsterdam – A cultural centre that specialises in teaching French (and Dutch) as a foreign language to an international audience, for all levels and ages.

Berlitz Schools of LanguageBerlitz offers effective language training for adults, kids and teens, as well as intercultural and business solutions for corporate clients.

Flowently – develop practical and social conversation skills with a private tutor online or meet up in town for 'snap the city' and 'learn Dutch live' sessions. A welcome 3-hour crash course is available for newcomers.

Katakura – a great choice for busy Amsterdammers, Katakura offers several different combinations of times, dates and intensity levels and holds courses at two locations.

Regina Coeli – located approximately an hour outside of Amsterdam, Regina Coeli has a proud history of intensive week-long Dutch courses designed by ‘the nuns of Vught’.

Taalthuis – At Taalthuis you can follow courses at different levels, online or face-to-face in a classroom.

Talencoach – a seven-day immersion course, known as the ‘Dutch brainwash’ uses humour to make learning the language enjoyable.

UvA Talen – the University of Amsterdam’s INTT institute offers courses to students, staff and graduates, as well as internationals that are not connected to the university.

Volksuniversiteit – an adult education centre in Amsterdam’s city centre that has more than 100 years of experience in teaching Dutch to speakers of other languages.

VU-NT2 – designed to prepare students for the NT2 exam, this course at Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam is aimed at anyone with secondary education.

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Other language courses in Amsterdam

Amsterdam Language Centre (ALC) – a wide variety of Dutch language courses (including lessons on the Dutch accent!) are held at the Beurs van Berlage in Amsterdam.

British Language Training Centre (BLTC) – learn conversational Dutch and get to know the intricacies of Dutch culture. Courses for all levels and company-specific courses are available.

Dam Dutch Language Institute – teacher Micha van Dam offers flexible group and private ‘living room’ lessons with plenty of variety.

Dutch Courses Amsterdam – with a focus on developing sentence structure, this course gives beginners an excellent understanding of the basics of the Dutch language. 

Dutch & Such – Experienced language teacher Nick Walker was born in the UK and raised in the Netherlands. His classes incorporate interesting references from television and popular culture.

Dutch Training – evening courses held in Zaandam-Zuid are available for beginner and intermediate levels who want to gain confidence and develop grammar skills.

Easy Dutch Plus – fast-paced courses made up of 15 – 30 hours per week are ideal for students looking to sit the State Exam.

Excellent Dutch – conversational Dutch is this school’s speciality, with courses designed to help internationals feel comfortable speaking the language in everyday situations.

ISN Dutch Lessons – Amsterdam’s international student network offers affordable Dutch courses to ISN members and international students enrolled at the UvA or HvA.   

Joost Weet Het – Joost Smits has a fun and unconventional approach to learning Dutch. Classes include activities and excursions to keep students motivated.

Koentact – focussing on the social side of learning Dutch, Koentact takes students out of the classroom on excursions to practise speaking in real situations.

Lingua Incognita – this language school based in Eindhoven offers lessons via Skype that prepare students for the State Exam.

Mercuur Taal – classes for beginner and intermediate level students are held in the evenings at this central location.

Right2Education - this initiative of Amsterdam University College invites refugees to attend Dutch and English language courses taught by faculty staff and students. 

Rubio Dutch Amsterdam – addressing the reasons that many people put off learning Dutch, this school is homework-free, offers ‘bring your baby’ classes and tips for overcoming shyness.

Taalhuis – small class sizes, friendly teachers and light-hearted topics make learning Dutch enjoyable with a wide range of courses targeted at expats and au pairs.

Talen Centrum – competitively priced language courses to suit all levels, including children, are available at this school in the south of Amsterdam.

The School for Dutch – teaching methods based building confidence in speaking, rather than an overload of grammar rules, keep these classes fun and social.

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Learn Dutch for free - municipal courses

The City of Amsterdam is working to encourage new residents to learn Dutch. Some citizens are eligible for free language courses with officially recognised organisations. For more information on free Dutch courses in Amsterdam, visit the City of Amsterdam website.

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Find a private tutor

If you prefer a one-on-one approach to learning Dutch or want to speed the process along, a private tutor might be the solution for you.

Many of the organisations listed above, such as Flowently, offer private lessons in addition to group classes. Alternatively, agencies such as Dutch Ready and Teacher Finder have been established to match students with tutors for lessons in person or online. The extremely high level of English proficiency in The Netherlands means that everyone is a potential tutor - even sites like Marktplaats are worth exploring if you prefer less structure than a typical course. 

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Gilde Amsterdam: a social experience

If you’re looking for a fun and unorthodox approach to improving your Dutch, Gilde Amsterdam is worth a look (website in Dutch). The organisation offers international with a basic command of Dutch the chance to further improve their skills by pairing up for informal chats with native Dutch speakers. If you aren't too keen on entering the classroom but do want to improve your Dutch (and make some friends along the way), this may be for you.

Online courses and apps

These online Dutch courses and apps make it easier to learn at your own pace and practise on the go.