Why choose Amsterdam for business?

Amsterdam’s spirit of commerce and excellent quality of life make it a magnet for talent, startups and international headquarters for companies from across the globe. All relevant contacts are close at hand, and a wide network of internationally orientated service providers offer companies a competitive edge.

  • Fantastic cultural life

  • High quality of life

  • Access to talented workforce

  • Well connected by land, water and air

  • Digital and social connectivity

  • Great business ecosystem

Why choose Amsterdam

Business ecosystem

CC BY 2.0 Waag Society via Flickr
Amsterdam’s business ecosystem is a hotbed of opportunities for startups, scale-ups and global corporations.


Business in the Amsterdam Area
Being part of the network in Amsterdam adds considerable financial value for both talent and businesses.

Life in Amsterdam

Amstel by Anastasia Dulgier via unsplash
Thanks to its great work-life balance, cultural agenda and more, Amsterdam is a wonderful place to live and work.


Amsterdam metro
Logistically, digitally and socially, Amsterdam is extremely well-connected, giving the city a competitive edge.

Access to talent

Business in the Amsterdam Area
The presence of highly skilled talent is one of the main reasons why so many companies choose Amsterdam.
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