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Why choose Amsterdam for business?

Amsterdam’s spirit of commerce and excellent quality of life make it a magnet for talent, startups and international headquarters for companies from across the globe. All relevant contacts are close at hand, and a wide network of internationally orientated service providers offer companies a competitive edge.

Invest in Amsterdam

Join more than 3,000 international companies that have invested in the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area and chosen to become part of our long history as a successful business hub and leading centre of trade.

  • Fantastic cultural life
  • High quality of life & great for families
  • Access to talented workforce
  • Gateway to Europe: well connected by land, water and air
  • Digital and social connectivity
  • Great business ecosystem for startups and global corporations

Explore Amsterdam’s advantages

Amsterdam in business

Your industry

Find out more about your industry in Amsterdam, with information on the following sectors: ICT, logistics, creative, life sciences, financial and busi...

Access to talent

The presence of highly skilled, internationally-oriented talent is one of the principal reasons why the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area is the city of cho...

How we can help

amsterdam inbusiness assists foreign companies with establishing and expanding their operations in Amsterdam and beyond. We can help you create a conv...

Meetings & conventions

With its wide variety of venues and high-quality accommodation options, Amsterdam is a city of sheer endless possibilities for meetings, conferences, ...

Life in Amsterdam

Amsterdam is a wonderful place to live and work in. The city’s got a great quality of life, with the ubiquitous bikes making it easy to get around, an...
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