Venture builders

Unlike traditional accelerators and incubators, venture builders come up with their own ideas for new companies and assemble skilled in-house teams to develop them. Along the way, they also raise capital, independently manage their projects and share resources.

AI Startup Lab

AI Startup Lab offers the opportunity to work on a real-life AI business challenge provided by a corporate partner.


Aimforthemoon creates businesses that combine and leverage the strength of entrepreneurs and corporates through its startup studio. This venture builder also has lofty ambitions and hopes to make a global impact through its work.


Antler is a startup generator and early-stage VC that turns the world's top talent into great founders of great companies.


Entweder is a venture builder that makes a lasting positive contribution to the evolution of the workspace with successive ventures.

ING Labs

ING Labs combines its experience and network with the skills and knowledge of others to bring disruptive ideas to the market.

The Main Ingredient

The Main Ingredient is a venture builder that takes powerful ideas and turns them into digital products and businesses by prioritising a gutsy approach to work, collaboration and a desire to make a difference.

Million Monkeys

As a venture builder, Million Monkeys develops successful companies from creative ideas by bringing entrepreneurs, investors and technical expertise together.

Startup Studio Nescio

Startup Studio Nescio creates and grows its own tech companies. The businesses in its portfolio range from fully developed ventures that are up and running to young startups taking their first steps.


NLC is a European HealthTech venture builder that brings people, tech and capital together to create life-changing companies and innovations.


A ‘one-stop shop in Startup Thinking’, OneUp creates startups for big corporates to facilitate emerging technologies.


Peakfijn helps develop startups and trains their CTOs and tech teams, creating digital experiences while working directly with developers. Additionally, Peakfijn buys equity in some of the companies it teams with.