Tech communities

Amsterdam has an active community of tech lovers, whether they be founders, UX’ers, geeks, nerds, hipsters, growth hackers or developers. With over 40 coworking spaces and over 500 tech meetups in Amsterdam, you are sure to find like-minded peers.

Find our top tech communities in Amsterdam below, and if you need more, do browse


Amsterdam JS is a strong and all-embracing JavaScript community, since 2010. Covers everything JavaScript, from the browser to the server, from the framework to the crazy hack and from the hardware appliance to the data visualisation.

Amsterdam Data Science

Amsterdam Data Science is an initiative of UvA, VU, HvA, and the CWI. They organize Coffee and Data every three months and seminars every month.


An English-speaking user group for PHP Developers in and around Amsterdam. Always looking for new developers to share knowledge and resources. 


Appsterdam provides common ground for all App Makers, regardless of platform, occupation, or business model, in Amsterdam and beyond. 

Code to Change

Code to Change works to reduce the skills gap and gender divide in tech, teaching women what they need to know to succeed in the job market while promoting equality.

DevOps Amsterdam

DevOps Amsterdam brings together developers and operations people in a common goal: destroy silos and remove obstacle to deploy and maintain awesome software and reliable infrastructures.

Frontend Developer Meetup

An active, inspiring community, Frontend Developer Meetup Amsterdam offers virtual gatherings with inspiring speakers who share their knowledge and experience.

Hello Mentor  

Functioning as a learning community for tech talent, the platform links up tech students and recent graduates with professionals from SMEs and global market leaders in a mentorship programme, helping companies to strategically attract and retain talent.

Ladies that UX

Ladies that UX creates a space for women in UX and tech scene of all levels to engage and talk about their experiences and get the support and inspiration that they are looking for.  

PyLadies Amsterdam

Pyladies Amsterdam is a social group for women Python programmers of every skill level that works to educate, promote and advance community members through education, events and more.

Reactive Amsterdam

An inclusive and welcoming community, Reactive Amsterdam focuses on reactive programming, which applies logic in response to new data. 


Interested in creative, advanced and human-centered Internet-of-Things, sensor(networks), electronics/hardware, open hardware/source and hardware startups? Then you will like this monthly meetup at Makerversity!


SheSharp is a non-profit foundation based in Amsterdam that encourages diversity and inclusion in tech and entrepreneurship by providing an open, safe community to help people explore their interests and potential.


Committed to empowering women through technology, Techionista aims to increase gender diversity in the tech and ICT labour market by training, retraining and offering guidance to help participants find jobs.

VueJS Amsterdam

VueJS Amsterdam is growing fast and already has hundreds of members who are passionate about this JavaScript framework.