Accelerators and incubators

Take your business to the next level by joining an accelerator or incubator. They can provide everything startups and scale-ups need to grow, including access to experienced mentors, potential sources of funding and a supportive community.


From idea to success, 15KM is an incubator and facilitator that gives startups everything they need to achieve greatness.

ACE Incubator

ACE Incubator is an Amsterdam-based incubator and accelerator for science and technology startups.

Adyen Accelerator

The Adyen Accelerator is designed to share experience, knowledge and expertise with burgeoning startups.

Amsterdam Innovation Arena

Amsterdam Innovation Arena is an incubator that is focused on sustainability, facility management, digital connectivity and the customer journey.

Amsterdam Venture Studios

Amsterdam Venture Studios is an incubator that gives students, researchers and graduates of knowledge institutes the tools they need to transform their ideas into viable businesses.

Arcadis City of 2030

Powered by Techstars, the Arcadis City of 2030 accelerator supports startups in their development of pioneering technologies to revolutionise the construction and engineering industries.


Art-up is a six-month incubator programme that helps startups develop their projects and take the next steps forward. Specialised trainers, coachers and mentors offer help with everything from creating a business model to scaling up.

Booking Booster

Booking Booster is a three-week startup accelerator programme that offers mentorship, financial support and more.

Business Accelerator

The Business Accelerator® Growth Program is an intensive programme that helps you to think like a scale-up. Its comprehensive modules combine strategic advice, seminars and workshops to help you look at your business in a different way, use proven growth tools, attract capital for accelerated growth and redeem your growth options.

Clever Clover

Clever Clover invests in early-stage businesses through a closed investment fund. Instead of focussing on web and digital startups, Clever Clover looks into the opportunities that innovative ideas and new business models can provide in traditional industries: it has partnered with companies in sectors such as food, travel, leisure and manufacturing.


Collider is an accelerator dedicated to marketing and advertising startups. Already successful in London, the programme is now launching in Amsterdam.


FEM-START is an inclusive programme that supports women-led startups in Europe that are focused on tech or making a social impact.


Founder Institute

The Founder Institute helps young companies develop and secure funding with the support of an expert network that is passionate about helping others succeed.


Branded ‘the scale-up network’, GoFastForward brings together more than 250 entrepreneurs who are scaling or planning to. Its members can follow several types of courses, covering ‘Fundamentals’, ‘Essentials’ and a ‘Deep Dive’, plus attend a range of events.


HealthInc helps startups and entrepreneurs in the fields of healthcare and MedTech develop their innovations and turn them into viable businesses.


A non-profit organisation, Hive01 helps students and young professionals start their own company with a special five-month programme.

Impact Hub

Impact Hub is a business incubator, and it offers a co-working space; it's perfect for startups.

Investment Ready

This five-month-long programme for social entrepreneurs focuses on sustainable ventures.

Kitchen Republic

Kitchen Republic is an incubator for businesses in Amsterdam’s food industry.

NEXT Amsterdam

NEXT Amsterdam helps software-focused startups solve real-world problems and build businesses with impact.


nlgroeit is a platform by and for entrepreneurs, supporting businesses of varying sizes to scale by providing information and inspiration, organising events, exchanging insights among each other and facilitating connections and mentorships.


Rockstart helps startups in Amsterdam become scalable by providing them with access to the market, capital, knowledge and the community.

ScaleUp Company

Aiming to simplify growth by supporting businesses in setting up a solid strategy for it, the Scaleup Company relies on a three-part methodology: ‘Discover’, ‘Set up’ and ‘Master’.

Startupbootcamp Smart City & IoT

Startupbootcamp Smart City & IoT is an accelerator that aims to improve the smart city and living ecosystem by supporting high-potential startups in Amsterdam.

Startupbootcamp Commerce

Startupbootcamp Commerce aims to innovate the e-commerce landscape by providing the most promising startups in the world with a top-notch accelerator programme based in Amsterdam.

Startupbootcamp FinTech & Cyber Security

The Startupbootcamp FinTech & Cyber Security accelerator is a three-month programme that helps startups in the FinTech and cyber security sector become industry-leading companies.

Startup in Residence

Startup in Residence is an innovative accelerator that is a collaboration between the City of Amsterdam and startups.

Startup Launch Class

Startup Launch Class is an accelerator that focuses on startup-corporate collaboration, providing participating startups with their own ING coach and mentorship from Strategiemakers.

Viisi Labs

Viisi Labs is an Amsterdam-based incubator that is mainly focused on startups that develop sustainable FinTech.


The first ethical leadership and business acceleration programme aimed at women innovators in the fields of artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning and data science, who are ready to start a venture.

Yellow Walnut

Inspiring businesses to become more entrepreneurial, Yellow Walnut connects small and large companies to stimulate, and learn from, each other.


Through their platform, ZidiCircle supports diaspora impact startups to scale through access to funding combined with workshops, training and coaching.