De Hallen (halls)

On the south side of the square is the ‘De Hallen’ complex, the former main depot and central maintenance facility of the municipal trams. The architect is not known. The first part of the Hallencomplex was built between 1901 and 1903 in industrial style. Only the natural stone parts and the iron rafters in the roof have any decoration. New Art elements are recognisable both on the inside of the building as well as on the outside.


Pond on Bellamyplein with "de Hallen" in the background


From 1932 to 1996 the building was exclusively used as a workshop. The district will now turn it into a multifunctional centre for musical and fashion events, design and art exhibitions and the hospitality industry.


Iron beams in the roof of de Hallen, 2009

The water carrier

In the middle of the Bellamyplein is the P.W. Janssenplantsoen (small garden) with the bust of the garden’s namesake, P.W. Janssen. Around the pond in the centre, are three bronze statues sculpted by Leo Braat (1908 – 1982) that together make up the Waterdraagster (water carrier): a woman with a jug and two fish.


Bust of P.W. Janssen


The garden was created after the death of Peter Wilhelm Janssen. Janssen was born in 1821 and became wealthy by trade. He was concerned about the fate of the labourers and one of the activities of his charity was to build the P.W. Janssenhofje (courtyard) in the Da Costastraat (street) in 1894. It offered free housing to people who were unable to support themselves.