A genuine creative hub

It’s not a new thing that creative types from around the world choose Amsterdam. The city is a vivid alternative to other major players, in a sense because it’s so different to its competitors. The combination of history, ingenuity and the smaller-scale of the city make it a breeding ground for creativity. As is often required in this industry, people work hard and for as long as it takes to hit a deadline. But in Amsterdam, the flipside is that you can return home by bike or unwind at a canal-side café – just two simple aspects that promote a healthier work-life balance.

Creative industries

Advertising and marketing is undoubtedly one of Amsterdam’s best strengths. A number of the world’s top creative agencies were born or are based in the city and they’re driving award-winning international campaigns for the biggest global brands. Fashion and denim is also an ongoing success story and Amsterdam is now home to the world’s biggest jeans brands as well as new artisan denim producers. And be it in gaming or new media, this city is an inspirational environment for young talents making a start in design studios.

Supporting creative enterprise

New initiatives certainly benefit from the openness and opportunism of Amsterdam. Numerous new creative hubs have sprouted up in and around the city, notably transforming empty buildings or older industrial terrain into hotspots for media, design and art – attracting expanding brands and fresh talent in the process.

Start a company

Starting a creative company in Amsterdam is easy. As well as local support from the Chamber of Commerce, amsterdam inbusiness, the Amsterdam Economic Board and other peer-driven business networks, initiatives like Hubstart specialise in easing digital, media and IT companies into the Amsterdam Area.

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