Amsterdam, 11 April 2019 – Research has shown that the ‘Enjoy & Respect’ campaign, which targets offensive behaviour in Amsterdam, has had a positive effect. Forty-five per cent of respondents from the UK said they were much more aware of the fact that causing disturbances through offensive behaviour is not okay after seeing the posters or ads. Of the Dutch respondents, 24% agreed with that statement. Around 20% of the British respondents even said that before the campaign, they had never considered the issue. Of the Dutch respondents, 16% agreed.

Men between 18 and 24 from the Netherlands and the UK are responsible for the majority of problems caused by offensive behaviour. The ‘Enjoy & Respect’ campaign targets this group, aiming to make clear that urinating in the streets or canals, littering, drunkenness and loud noise are not tolerated and will have consequences.

 “The research into the effect of the campaign shows that it does bring about a change in awareness. That is a solid first result and a step in the right direction. In addition to raising awareness, more measures are necessary to bring about a real change in behaviour,” says Geerte Udo, director of amsterdam&partners (formerly Amsterdam Marketing).


Wide reach of online campaign
The campaign’s slogans attract attention, the research shows. Of the Dutch respondents, 41% said they recognised the slogans. And, 52% of the British respondents agreed.

“The figures show that the awareness campaign ‘Enjoy & Respect’ reaches its target group. The campaign means that we can address those tourists who are responsible for the majority of disturbances, even before they visit Amsterdam,” says Udo Kock, alderman for economic affairs at the City of Amsterdam. “This way we can let them know in advance that while we always welcome visitors who behave decently and follow the rules, offensive behaviour is not tolerated and will result in fines.”

Joining forces to tackle offensive behaviour
Enjoy & Respect is an initiative by amsterdam&partners. The campaign is co-funded by the City of Amsterdam and a number of businesses and organisations: Amsterdam Airport Schiphol, Rijksmuseum, Van Gogh Museum, Koninklijke Horeca Nederland (Amsterdam division), Merlin Entertainments, the Oudezijds Achterburgwal business association and the campsites. The local transport company GVB and JC Decaux make media space available. This shared responsibility emphasizes how important it is to cooperate to make sure that Amsterdam remains pleasant to live in, with a good reputation. The City of Amsterdam and the police are deeply involved in developing this idea, its implementation and the follow-up.

The campaign will re-launch mid-April. More attention will be paid to low-cost carrier airports, intensifying online bannering on relevant websites, and broadening the reach of the online campaigns by way of so-called ‘geofencing’ or location based marketing-tools.

Note to the editors

About amsterdam&partners (formerly Amsterdam Marketing)
Our organisation is focused on building the reputation of the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area and guiding residents, entrepreneurs and visitors to the best the city and surrounding region has to offer. We contribute to a thriving, liveable city where residents are central, and visitors and business continue to feel welcome.   

About Enjoy & Respect
The Enjoy & Respect campaign focuses on four situations that cause most trouble: urinating in public, leaving rubbish, loud noise and drunkenness in the public space. The key message of the campaign is everybody is welcome in Amsterdam if you behave yourself correctly. Enjoy your freedom, while respecting the city and its residents. If you fail to do so, that is your choice. And a choice that has consequences: you will be fined.

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