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Thursday sees the launch of the Enjoy & Respect campaign, which brings home the message to Dutch and British people aged 18-34 that offensive behaviour will not be tolerated in Amsterdam. This target group frequently visit Amsterdam at weekends to party, drink, go on pub crawls and hold bachelor parties. All too often, the result is drunkenness, noise in the street, litter, and public urination. As surveys on quality of life in Amsterdam have shown, this is a serious source of nuisance to residents, local businesspeople, and other visitors. The Enjoy & Respect campaign aims to inform the target group of the consequences of this kind of behaviour, and raise awareness of what is allowed and – more importantly – what is not allowed in Amsterdam. The campaign was initiated by Amsterdam Marketing, and developed in collaboration with Amsterdam city council and other stakeholders.


A high price for bad behaviour 

Amsterdam is famous as an open, creative, innovative and tolerant city, where the limits of what is allowed are wide. The city has an international reputation for freedom – the freedom to be who you are, believe what you like, and say what you think. But this freedom depends on a crucial precondition: mutual respect. And respect is often precisely what is lacking among the specific target group that causes trouble. 

A conscious choice has been made for a positive, creative approach and for freedom of choice. Values that are important for the city of Amsterdam. We show the strength of Amsterdam, the city where you can enjoy your freedom, as long as you respect the city and its residents.

The target groups, each in their own language, are approached at an early stage when they are planning their stay. Via the specific online platforms and social media, they will already be pointed out to the various campaign statements at that time.  When being in the city they are triggered again: in the metro/bus, in the hotels, the restaurants, the cafés, but also through the outdoor outlets in the areas where they go to the most: the Red Light District, Rembrandtplein and Leidseplein. The campaign is available to the target group online all year round, and is targeted in the city centre by means of geofencing the campaign. As soon as a member of the target group enters the red-light district, Rembrandtplein, Leidseplein or the area around Amsterdam CS, they will receive content and messages via social media.