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To visit the Van Gogh Museum with your I amsterdam City Card, you are required to book a time slot in advance. Simply fill in the info below, select your preferred time slots and bring your confirmation voucher for entry to the museum.

What you need:
The number(s) on the back of your I amsterdam City Card(s). Please see the example below. This is not the same as the booking reference on your voucher.

I amsterdam City Card barcode

Additional information:

  • You can only book one time slot per City Card.
  • Want to visit the museum with multiple people at the same time? Please make sure to book your time slots all at once.
  • Your City Card must still be valid at the time of entry to the Van Gogh Museum.
  • Need some help? Please check our FAQ.

*Please note that by booking your time slot(s) for the Van Gogh Museum, you are agreeing to share your booking details with the Van Gogh Museum. We need to share your booking details with the museum in order to reserve a time slot for you. Read more about how we handle your data in our privacy statement.

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