Coworking spaces

Coworking spaces are a great way for businesses to share ideas, strategies and business advice. If you're a startup in Amsterdam looking for a shared working space then you're in luck: the city offers a wide array of spaces – small and large – that can fit the needs of almost any business.

A Lab

A Lab is a co-working space that focuses on art and culture, journalism, music, social robotics and visual work in Amsterdam.

AtoomClub Amsterdam A10

This flexible co-working space in Amsterdam covers all the needs of budding startups and entrepreneurs – with no separate bills or extra costs.

B. Amsterdam

B. Amsterdam is the largest startup ecosystem in Europe and has 33,500 square metres of office space spread across three buildings. As a creative workspace and community, it strives to facilitate innovation, education and growth.


BounceSpace offers a co-working space for Amsterdam's ambitious freelancers, startups and enterprises.


Bovendebalie, which is right in the centre of Amsterdam, is a growth environment for internet entrepreneurs and startups.


Charley’s is a workspace, a living room and a coffee bar in the heart of Amsterdam. You simply pay for your time, and everything in the space is free for you to use.


Chateau is a tight-knit co-working space in Amsterdam Noord with a focus on startups and professionals in the creative industry. They particularly value innovation and knowledge-sharing.

Common Grounds

Common Grounds’ new membership option lets startups, freelancers and entrepreneurs access many of Amsterdam's best spaces and creative communities for one price.

The Concertgemaal

Located in an old pumping station, the Concertgemaal offers permanent and flex workspaces. There’s a conference room for small meetings and members can volunteer at monthly classical music concerts.

Contact Amsterdam

This co-working space in Amsterdam West is an interdisciplinary fusion of the city's creative minds. Contact Amsterdam believe that businesses within the creative industry – and beyond – can empower one another and that collaboration is the key to innovation.


As the cultural organisation of the University of Amsterdam and the Amsterdam School of Higher Education, CREA’s theatre, music hall and numerous rehearsal studios are available for rent by the hour.

De Bary

De Bary is home to a deluxe co-working space in the heart of Amsterdam. With different-sized office units, meeting rooms, a brasserie and a vast garden, this elegant space was designed to ensure members can work and relax.

De Staalkade 6

De Staalkade 6 is a cosy co-working space in Amsterdam that promotes healthy working relationships between its tenants. Despite its relatively small size, it boasts a multitude of facilities.


DELITELABS is an inclusive startup school and co-working space that gives high-quality, flexible support to ambitious people who want to start their own business.

Een Hoog

Een Hoog is a community-focused space that specialises in the creative industry, especially in video-based companies. In addition to the usual working spaces, it offers access to a recording studio and a fast ICT infrastructure.


Epicenter is Amsterdam's first innovation house, dedicated to innovation and development. From their location in the Zuidas business district, established corporations and smaller, entrepreneurial companies with proven business models can collaborate, learn and grow their business.

Fosbury & Sons

With two locations in Amsterdam, Fosbury & Sons offers elegant and comfortable spaces for small and large businesses alike. 


FreedomLab is a co-working space in Amsterdam that is focused on the impact of technology in society. They aim to create networking-friendly co-working spaces.

Hackers & Founders

Hackers & Founders Amsterdam is the biggest community of technology entrepreneurs and developers in the Netherlands.

HNK Amsterdam

HNK Amsterdam's co-working space is equipped for all needs – whether you're a freelancer, a startup, an SME or a large business.

House of Watt

Located in Amsterdam Oost, House of Watt is a multi-use space for co-working, meetings, lunches and drinks. It features a kids’ play area that's open on weekends.

Impact Hub

Impact Hub is a business incubator and accelerator, but it also offers a co-working space that's ideal for startups.

Je m'appelle Company

Je m'appelle Company offers a more community-based co-working space; uniquely, all the workers live with one another.

Matrix Innovation Center

Through its six multi-functional premises, Matrix Innovation Center offers a wealth of knowledge and facilities for Amsterdam's startups.

Meet Berlage

Meet Berlage's Amsterdam co-working space – located in the prestigious Beurs van Berlage building – offers a range of facilities that are great for startups.


Merkspace's high-end services give Amsterdam's startups the freedom to pinpoint what’s important for their specific business and accelerate accordingly.


Located in a former school building in Amsterdam West, MidWest wants to make the city a better place to live in for all.


Mindspace is a global provider of beautiful and inspiring offices and coworking spaces for teams of all sizes.

Moma & Co

Moma & Co Amsterdam is a place where workers can come to collaborate, learn and work among others.


The Nachtlab co-working complex in Amsterdam consists of three floors that have a combined area of over 7000 square metres.


Nest is a place in Amsterdam where ambitious people come together, get inspired, grow and learn.


Plant22 in Amsterdam West has eight workspaces, and they are usually permanently filled with designers of all stripes and backgrounds.


Primalbase is transforming traditional office rental and creating a next-generation community-based ecosystem. Members can share, sell or rent high-quality working spaces using Ethereum and Waves-based digital tokens.


Prodock is a place for innovative startups and scaleups in Amsterdam to really test their products and services.


Q-Factory's co-working space on Amsterdam's Atlantisplein is ideal for progressive entrepreneurs and startups looking for a vibrant, flexible working environment.


With more than 40 locations in the Amsterdam Area alone, Regus promises customers they can work anywhere for ‘an hour, a day, a week, a month or years’.


rent24's coworking space in Amsterdam caters to startups, established businesses and freelancers alike, giving them the options to work in a space that suits their specific business needs.

Rockstart Spaces

Rockstart Spaces hosts an international community of tech-driven startups and has a meeting room and a large events space which are ideal for holding gatherings of all kinds.

Rokin 75

Rokin 75 is home to many innovative businesses in the heart of Amsterdam, mostly consisting of workers in creative and technology-related industries.


Co-working space ROOM4 offers an affordable working environment for startups in Amsterdam. The spaces are flexible and fully customisable.

ScaleHub Amsterdam

With its 150 workstations and essential business facilities, ScaleHub Amsterdam gives startups the co-working space they need to scale-up.


With a prime location in Amsterdam's Zuidas district, professional amenities and the support programmes of ScaleUpNation close at hand, ScaleUpDistrict is perfectly suited for high-growth startups and scale-ups that want to step up their ambition and environment.


Spaces is an inspiring environment in Amsterdam where ideas develop, businesses build and relationships evolve.

Spring House

This co-working space is focused on social innovation. Located on the IJ waterfront in Amsterdam, Spring House has several multi-purpose spaces.


StartDock, which is based in the heart of Amsterdam, is a co-working space and community for online startups.

Startup Village

Amsterdam Science Park's Startup Village – home to some of the city's most innovative new companies – offers a great co-working space that's ideal for night owls.


Stellar has it all: from ultra-flex desks to a fully-serviced office, and access to a career-boosting network to boot.

The Thinking Hut

The Thinking Hut is an innovative creative co-working space in Amsterdam that is focused on teamwork and individuality.


TNW offers curated spaces for tech companies and talent at two locations in Amsterdam. 


Trashure is a peaceful coworking space in Amsterdam Noord that aims to encourage professional and personal growth.

Treehouse Tribe

The Treehouse Tribe coworking community is home to dreamers and enthusiasts, and the stage of an idea, business or goal doesn’t matter as long as you’re kind and passionate about doing meaningful work.


Tribes' professional co-working spaces are equipped with all the features that budding entrepreneurs and startups need.

TSH Collab

TSH Collab Amsterdam – part of The Student Hotel family – is a liveable co-working community for professionals in the creative industry.


Vrijstaat is an inspiring co-working space in Amsterdam-Noord that offers the amenities that most startups need to operate.


Werkstek's two Amsterdam co-working spaces are affordable and accessible. The company also actively encourages and supports collaboration and networking between its renters.


WeWork’s goal is to offer beautiful shared spaces in Amsterdam in order to nurture a community of workers.

Wheelhouse Amsterdam

Wheelhouse Amsterdam is a co-working space based on one of the city's stunning canals. It's great for creative startups and freelancers.

Wicked Grounds

Wicked Grounds is a workspace that wants to truly makes a difference. It distinguishes itself from other workspaces with its focus on the individual, offering an office filled with a variety of skillsets, personalities and backgrounds.


Workspace6 is 280 square metres of flexible space for the creative and the adventurous to bring their ideas to life in Amsterdam.

XR Base

XR Base is Amsterdam's dedicated co-working space and creative agency specialising in virtual and augmented reality.


Zee-as offers a very unique co-working space near Amsterdam: it gives its customers a chance to work next to the sea.


Zoku offers well-fitted co-working spaces in Amsterdam where businesses can work alone or in a group.


#Workmode is an all-female co-working space for online influencers and digital creatives in Amsterdam.