The current situation

The British government formally announced its intention of withdrawing from the EU on 29 March 2017, thereby triggering the process laid out in Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty. According to this article, from this point onwards, the EU and the UK have two years to negotiate Britain’s withdrawal. During negotiations, the UK remains a member of the EU and British citizens retain all their rights under EU law, including that of free movement. 

As for the longer term, it remains unclear what the future relationship between the UK and the EU will mean for trade treaties, employee visas and other business dealings. Despite this uncertainty, businesses on both sides are advised to prepare to the best of their ability.

Dutch government agencies, including amsterdam inbusiness, IN Amsterdam and StartupAmsterdam all offer information and assistance. Find out more below.

General Brexit information

Points of contact in the Amsterdam Area

  • International businesses based (or looking to be based) in the Amsterdam Area, or international businesses employing British citizens, can contact amsterdam inbusiness, the foreign investment agency for the Amsterdam Area
  • Amsterdam-based startups founded by British entrepreneurs, or employing British citizens, or startups considering a move to Amsterdam, can contact StartupAmsterdam regarding the local startup ecosystem and how Brexit might affect it

Information on setting up a business in the Netherlands

  • Information from amsterdam inbusiness on setting up a business in the Amsterdam Area
  • An extensive checklist on setting up a business in the Netherlands from the Dutch government
  • Information from the Dutch Chamber of Commerce on setting up a business, which is also available as a PDF brochure
  • A video webinar about starting up your business in the Netherlands, published by the Dutch government
  • General information about doing business in the Netherlands from commercial services providers PWC (PDF) and Baker McKenzie (PDF)

Information for different sectors


  • Distribution: the Netherlands are well-suited as a gateway to Europe and you can learn how your company can benefit through the Holland International Distribution Council
  • Using Dutch ports: Brexit-related information for those using (or wanting to use) Dutch ports

Financial supervision and licensing

Life sciences and health

Media enquiries

Journalists can contact Vera Al, spokesperson for Amsterdam Deputy Mayor Udo Kock (Economic Affairs), at [email protected].