Offices and business space in the Amsterdam Area

Amsterdam’s office spaces range from modern co-working spaces in startup hubs to fully equipped corporate facilities. It’s simple for businesses to be immersed in the city’s creative scene and vibrant city life; be close to ICT and tech hubs or financial services; and have a great connection to Amsterdam Airport Schiphol or the Port of Amsterdam. There are also dedicated innovation districts, for example the Amsterdam Life Sciences District, for businesses operating in the field of life sciences and health; and the Amsterdam Science Park offers lab-office space hybrids. Our dedicated page on Amsterdam’s business locations and areas has more information on business districts, regions and neighbourhoods – a strong starting point no matter if you’re looking to open a new headquarters or a small research lab.

Find the perfect business location

Whether you’re looking to rent or buy, the crucial first step is choosing the right area. Do you need to be on the doorstep of your financial clients? Within walking distance of fellow MedTech companies? Or do you need the space to accommodate your production facility? Take a deep dive into the wide variety of business locations for office space, industrial areas, retail and creative hubs via our assets map.

Arrange a site viewing and seal the deal

Next up, it’s time to see what properties are currently available on the market – or even plots where you can build from scratch. Commercial property listings are typically provided by services such as Deskbookers, Funda in Business and Flexas, but the City of Amsterdam may also be able to help you find an appropriate location. If you’re looking for a spot in an existing or developing business park, check out SADC or Amsterdam Airport City, which caters to a wide variety of companies in the Schiphol region and around the outskirts of Amsterdam and Haarlem.

When making the move into the region from abroad, it’s key to choose the right business location. Eliminate any doubts and contact amsterdam inbusiness for custom advice, free assistance with a soft landing and to make new connections within the region.

What about the associated costs?

Within the Netherlands, the Amsterdam Area comes with some of the highest property prices – for both rentals and purchases. Of course, there are significant benefits received from this outlay – it’s not simply the prestige of being in a major European capital city, but access to top-quality infrastructure, innovation and a business community that’s regularly high up major international rankings. And for startups and starters, there are often means to access these immediate benefits via cost-effective co-working spaces or creative hubs.

Understand more about the necessary permits and your surroundings

There are quite a few considerations when you move into a new premises. Firstly, any planned construction or reconstruction requires the necessary permits. For example, will it comply with environmental regulations? Will you be situated in an area of scenic or cultural and historic value? Do you need new access roads or sewer and water permits? And can you meet government targets for energy-saving measures – today and in five or ten years? When moving into an existing property, many of these issues will already have been taken care of. But it’s always good to explore what permits may be required in the Netherlands.

What taxes apply to business location?

This is a very broad topic and a variety of taxes and levies may apply, depending on the location, size of the property and where it’s situated. Standard taxes include the likes of water authority tax, sewerage charge and property tax. But it’s also good to keep in mind that even having your company branding on display or specific types of signage can result in advertising tax or fees for encroaching on public land. Check a comprehensive list of taxes that may affect business locations.