Finding office space in Amsterdam

Amsterdam is truly flexible when it comes to business locations. From corporate offices in the Zuidas business district to cutting-edge co-working spaces, there’s something for businesses of every size and type. 

Business locations in Amsterdam

Amsterdam’s office spaces range from modern co-working spaces in startup hubs to fully equipped corporate facilities. It's simple for businesses to be immersed in the city’s creative scene and vibrant city life; be close to ICT and tech hubs or financial services; or have a great connection to the airport. Our page on Amsterdam's business locations and areas has more information on offices and neighbourhoods.

Assistance with finding office space

If you need help finding office space, don't hesitate to contact amsterdam inbusiness. Commercial property listings are typically provided by services such as Deskbookers, Funda in Business and Flexas, but the City of Amsterdam may also be able to help you find an appropriate location.

Real estate

Zuidas Amsterdam Roel Baeckaert
Read about the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area's investment opportunities in real estate, from small-scale developments to grand new projects.

Assets map

Amstel en gebouwen Omval Peter Elenbaas
Find promising, innovative and sustainable real-estate opportunities quickly and easily using the comprehensive assets map.

Local market practice

Learn the key points about Amsterdam's local market practice – a system that is fair, straightforward and logical.

Business locations and areas

WTC Zuidas Amsterdam CC 2.0 BY Guilhem Vellut via Flickr
With its thriving business districts, economical rates and stunning views, Amsterdam is bound to have the perfect business location for you.

Co-working spaces

Merkspace, an innovative new co-working space in Amsterdam that focuses on networking and new business opportunities
Amsterdam offers an impressive range of co-working spaces – small and large – that can fit the needs of almost any business.