Innovation and collaboration

The Amsterdam Science Park is internationally recognised as a hub for research, education and entrepreneurship, offering excellent opportunities for businesses in the fields of science, physics, chemistry, ICT, green life sciences and advanced instrumentation. This 70-hectare polder – bigger than 98 football pitches – is home to the largest concentration of beta sciences in Europe. And the park’s unique juncture of education, high-quality research and knowledge-intensive business has been cultivated to stimulate innovation and collaboration.

Exceptional connectivity

As one of the most densely cabled locations in Europe, the Science Park is currently home to more than 150 network hubs. It also houses internet exchanges such as AMS-IX, one of the largest data transport hubs in the world, known for its superior quality and low costs, and NL-ix (Netherlands Internet Exchange). The Science Park is capable of reaching 80% of customers in Europe within 50 milliseconds.

Startup hub

The Science Park is home to a concentration of the city’s most successful tech and science start-ups. It’s also where the University of Amsterdam Faculty of Science and the Amsterdam University College have their campuses. Dozens of renowned research institutes and companies all add to the innovative melting pot.