Home to headquarters

All relevant contacts are just a stone’s throw away: Amsterdam is home to design, production, wholesale and retail companies. In addition, many fashion labels have chosen Amsterdam as the location of their (European) headquarters. Tommy Hilfiger and Calvin Klein’s head office relocated from New York to Amsterdam; Chanel’s International Headquarters has followed suit. 

There are 57 non-Dutch fashion companies that are currently based in the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area, with 25 of these companies basing their headquarters in the area. These companies employ 4,958 workers. High-profile international fashion corporates in Amsterdam include Calvin Klein and Tommy Hilfiger, but there are also prominent Dutch businesses in the sector, such as G-Star, Gsus and Denham the Jeanmaker.

Denim capital of the world

Amsterdam’s denim industry is thriving: the city has the highest concentration of denim brands in the world. A conservative estimate by the municipal research bureau O+S puts the annual turnover of the Amsterdam denim industry at some €500 million. The G-Star denim label began its worldwide advance here, as did Gsus and G+N. Kuyichi, the first-ever label for organic jeans, was set up here. Even iconic brands such as Levi’s and Diesel have recognised Amsterdam’s pivotal position in the denim world and have chosen the city as the location for their design studios. Various initiatives, lobby groups and trade fairs such as Denim City, Denim Days, Kingpins, House of Denim and the Jean School have done their part in manifesting Amsterdam’s status as denim capital of the world.

Amsterdam is the personification of everything jeans represent: slightly rebellious, adventurous, opinionated, never afraid to make a statement and always individual.” – Jason Denham, Denham the Jeanmaker

Amsterdam Fashion Week

One of the key movements in Amsterdam's fashion industry is Amsterdam Fashion Week, a biannual event that showcases the latest and greatest of Dutch and Flemish fashion. The event began in 2004 and has since developed into a recognised part of the global fashion scene. Established professionals and up-and-coming designers alike are welcome; although, there are some invite-only events. Amsterdam Fashion Week extends across the entire city too, inspiring the Dutch capital with fashion-based exhibitions, workshops, festivals, store openings and much more. Most of all, it is a platform for the Dutch fashion industry – one that aims to bridge the gap between commerce and creativity.

Exceptional fashion talent in Amsterdam

The Amsterdam Metropolitan Area has always acted as a magnet for talent from all over the globe. More than a hundred fashion designers have settled down here. Just as importantly, new talents can really flourish, having a wealth of sources of inspiration as well as state-of-the art educational facilities at their disposal. Setting up in the Amsterdam Area means joining the business leaders of the future: the area boasts a vibrant startup scene, trendsetting creative minds and the best possible digital infrastructure. In addition, we have recently seen an impressive increase in e-commerce activities being conducted from here, thanks to a strong IT infrastructure.

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