The Social Entrepreneurship Action programme 2015 - 2018 aimed to develop a supportive environment for Amsterdam-based social enterprises to start, grow and thrive. 

The Amsterdam Impact 2019 - 2022 programme builds on this foundation by shifting its focus to strengthening the ecosystem for all companies - ranging from startups to large corporations - that help solve societal challenges through entrepreneurship. In addition, the programme pays special attention to enterprises that improve the quality of life in Amsterdam’s neighbourhoods.

Find below the six pillars of the 2019 - 2022 programme. To delve into the 18 measures divided across these pillars, read the programme in Dutch or in English.

Pillar 1: Transition

Objective: To turn Amsterdam into a global centre of expertise on the role of local governments in the transition to an economy focused on creating shared value.

Pillar 2: Market access

Objective: To stimulate the continuity and revenue growth of impact companies so that more societal value is created by solving societal challenges through entrepreneurship. 

Pillar 3: Capital

Objective: To ensure sufficient capital is available to impact companies at each stage of the business life cycle by encouraging close collaboration and knowledge exchange between diverse financiers.

Pillar 4: Internationalisation

Objective: To strengthen Amsterdam’s position as a hotspot for growing and scaling both Dutch and impact companies from abroad and to deepen the collaboration with international governments and ecosystems - whether municipal, regional or national.

Pillar 5: Impact entrepreneurship in the neighbourhood

Objective: To support entrepreneurial initiatives that contribute to the economic growth and liveability of Amsterdam’s neighbourhoods by focusing on issues including social cohesion, labour participation, and sustainability.

Pillar 6: Ecosystem connections

Objective: To strengthen connections between the diverse players of Amsterdam’s impact entrepreneurship ecosystem by helping them to know who’s who, share expertise, and do business with each other. 

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