About Amsterdam Impact

Amsterdam wants to become a frontrunner in the impact economy. Amsterdam Impact, an initiative by the City of Amsterdam, is here to strengthen the ecosystem for all companies that simultaneously create financial and social value. 

How Amsterdam Impact started out

Our new Amsterdam Impact 2019-2022 programme is a follow up of our successful Social Entrepreneurship 2015-2018 programme. When we launched our initiative, social entrepreneurship in Amsterdam was a young movement. Thanks to its positive impact on society and employment, social entrepreneurship received the support it deserves. Since 2015, the number of social enterprises in Amsterdam has grown significantly, and their access to market and capital has improved. See the results of our first programme

Amsterdam Impact 2019-2022

Our new impact entrepreneurship programme builds on the foundation of our first programme and focuses on strengthening the ecosystem for all impact enterprises. These range from startups to large corporations that tackle societal challenges through entrepreneurship, and create both financial and social value. In addition, the programme pays special attention to enterprises that improve the quality of life in Amsterdam’s neighbourhoods. To get a quick overview, download a two-page summary of the programme (PDF).

How Amsterdam Impact can help you

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