Great English Language Comedy shows

It was 28 years ago when Boom Chicago introduced improvisation comedy to a mainstream Dutch audience. Since then, the successful comedy ensemble has made more than a million people laugh while also launching the careers of now famous comedians like Seth Meyers, Jason Sudeikis and Jordan Peele.

The Boom Chicago Academy

In addition to making you laugh on stage, our actors are expert trainers and they want to teach you via the Boom Chicago Academy. For the Improv Taster or Course no experience is necessary, just a desire to have fun! Unsure about improv? Let us give you a taste!

For 2 hours on a weekday evening or a weekend afternoon, Boom Chicago actors will give you an insight into what we do on stage.

Feel the thrill of improvisation and get ready to have fun! No experience is necessary. A taster class costs €25, but if you decide to join a full 8-week class, we’ll deduct this from your fee. Not unsure? Then jump right into an Intro to Improv course. You’ll love it!

'Local Living for Internationals' workshop

In their 28 years, Boom Chicago has hosted almost 100 actors who have all been ingeburgerd by taking our in-house course. Based in practical knowledge (the supermarket is where you feel the dumbest), anti-intuitive thinking (Dutch language is less important than Dutch pronunciation) and understanding and celebrating unlikely Dutch habits and traditions (the Dutch birthday circle is not boring), this is the best way to integrate with Dutch society and enjoy it!

With a curriculum designed by founder Andrew Moskos, we have created a three-day programme (one night a week for three weeks) that is fun and unique. We can’t make you a local in that period, but we can accelerate your journey from international to local and make you want to continue. Not everybody connected to Boom Chicago wanted to stay in the Netherlands, but almost 20 have stayed. We must be doing something right! With a sense of fun and a sense of humour, we will teach you how to read, pronounce and understand Dutch words, the number one skill for an international to master.

We will highlight the fun parts of Dutch society so you can make Dutch habits and traditions your own. These skills will help you bond with your (Dutch) neighbours and colleagues, helping to overcome loneliness and distance many internationals experience. And finally in week three, we will put everything we have learned into practice with a trip to the supermarket of your choice, so you can cook well and everything else falls into place.