ACCESS and IN Amsterdam

ACCESS offers free personalised English information to internationals arriving in the Netherlands. On 6 June 2016, IN Amsterdam (previously known as 'Expatcenter Amsterdam') launched an official partnership with ACCESS, so that the organisations could work together to support the international community. Alongside already established partnerships, such as those with the IND and Dutch Tax Office, the cooperation with ACCESS extends our ability to help internationals settle into life in the Amsterdam Area quickly and easily.

Helpdesk at IN Amsterdam

Thanks to the partnership between the two organisations, a dedicated ACCESS Helpdesk within IN Amsterdam's office is now available.

Information source for expatriates

Established from humble beginnings in 1986, ACCESS has grown to become a leading source of free, English information for the international community in the Netherlands. Run by volunteers who have direct experience in expat issues, such as employment, housing, language courses and schooling, their successful helpline handles more than 20,000 enquires each year.

ACCESS's community education team offers a comprehensive programme of English language courses and workshops covering a range of topics that reflect the interests and experiences of the international community, the most popular of these being the Child Birth Education programmes. Information about courses and events as well as links to the Counsellor on Call are available on the ACCESS website.

ACCESS is actively supported by local authorities and government ministries as well as international employers and provides regular feedback to such bodies on the experiences and expectations of the international community. The recent partnership with IN Amsterdam means that internationals can also stop by the ACCESS Helpdesk when visiting our office for standard IN Amsterdam procedures. 

Get in touch

The team at ACCESS is available to answer questions on healthcare, schooling, housing, finding work and more. Send an email to or schedule a meeting with our team in-person at IN Amsterdam or online via Zoom.

Or if you would like to make a difference, find out about volunteering for ACCESS.