Building a European focus from the Amsterdam Area

TYC Europe currently provides 5% of all lamps, radiators, mirrors and components for cooling systems used as replacements in common car marques. Company analysts believe that capturing 8% of the market (worth €640 million), within three years is a feasible goal. “As a group, we have chosen to reduce our comparatively large dependence on the US market, and at the same time to focus on Europe,” explains Angie Wu.

Serving growing international markets in Almere

A good distribution system is vital, she adds: “With the aftermarket for damage and collisions, the speed and reliability of supply is essential. This factor was significant in the choice of our parent company for this location. From here, we can actually guarantee sending our customers the requested products within one day of receiving their order. That goes for all the 30 countries that we serve from here.” 

When TYC Brother was looking for a location in Europe, it required a central base from which to serve its clients (wholesale companies and retail chains all over Europe). It needed a good transport infrastructure and ICT facilities. Also important was the presence of an English-speaking workforce. Finally, the actual investment had to be relatively limited.

“On all these points, Amsterdam Metropolitan Area - and specifically Almere - scored by far the best,” says Eric Schuijt, Logistics Manager. “We are in the centre of the best-equipped logistics triangle of mainland Europe here. In the direct vicinity we have the Port of Amsterdam, Amsterdam Airport Schiphol, and the Port of Rotterdam. When containers of goods produced in Taiwan arrive by ship, they are part of our stock within a couple of hours. Our inventory costs are therefore significantly reduced.”

Working with local government partners

Angie Wu points to the helpfulness of local government: “The first orientation visit showed that amsterdam inbusiness had already selected a suitable piece of land for us, was familiar with our business and processes, and had a picture of how we could achieve our strategic goals here at the lowest possible cost. They put us in touch with the best carriers, organised a familiarisation programme for our expats, and they are still open to any questions we have.”

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