Sandvik Mining lays its foundations in Amsterdam

A major business unit of the Sandvik Group, Sandvik Mining is a leading global supplier of equipment, tools, service and technical solutions to the mining industry. “We chose Amsterdam for our headquarters because of its accessibility and the ease with which foreigners settle-in to life here. Of course, it also helps that people from all over the world enjoy living in Amsterdam“, says Timothy Buell, who was Vice President, Human Resources at Sandvik Mining until 2017.

International talent has an easy transition

When Sandvik Mining opened the doors of its new headquarters in the WTC in January 2012, it had some 10 employees. To assist employees moving to the Netherlands from abroad, the company uses the services of IN Amsterdam, which is conveniently located in the same building. Buell: “Although we engaged IN Amsterdam indirectly via a consultant, it’s worth a lot to us to have a single agency to help us with the paperwork involved in moving here from abroad.”

Zuidas business district

Because everything a company could possibly need is right on your doorstep here in Amsterdam's Zuidas business district, the decision to locate the new HQ in this particular neighbourhood was easily made. Major suppliers and professional service providers with an international focus are all within arm’s reach. What’s more, Buell adds, “When I want to interview a candidate away from the office, there are numerous good restaurants close by to choose from. One of my favourites is Koetjes en Kalfjes on the Gustav Mahlerplein.” In fact, the Zuidas is home to a growing number of cafes, restaurants and hotels. “We regularly have people visiting from all over the world, so it’s very practical to be able to put them up in a hotel that’s just around the corner from our office.”

Accessible Amsterdam

This brings the conversation to the main reason Sandvik chose to settle in the Zuidas: its superb accessibility. Amsterdam Airport Schiphol is less than a quarter of an hour by train from Sandvik’s offices. And you can be at the Museumplein and the historical city centre with its world-famous Canal Ring in just a few minutes.

After taking a moment to admire the view of the city from his office window, Buell says: “Before arriving here almost a year ago, I had lived in many places, in various parts of the world. But now when people ask me, I can honestly say: this is the best place I have ever lived.”

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