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Amsterdam's life sciences and health industry

The Amsterdam Metropolitan Area is the leading region for scientific research in the Netherlands. Not only does the area have top-notch academic hospitals, but it also has two renowned universities and an array of research institutes. As a hotspot for innovation, the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area is the place to be for innovative companies in the life sciences sector such as Bioventus and EpiVax.

Amsterdam's excellent infrastructure for research

The Amsterdam Area is home to two respected universities, academic hospitals and many specialised research institutes. Other major institutes include the Netherlands Cancer Institute, the Sanquin Blood Supply Foundation and ACTA (one of the top dental education and research facilities in the world). Other scientific hotspots such as Wageningen and Leiden are about an hour away. This ensures that all companies active in life sciences enjoy superb access to innovative technologies, clinical trials, biobanks and centres of expertise. The companies directly active in life sciences are aided by hundreds of specialised partners in financial & business services, ICT and logistics.

Bringing innovation to the rest of the world

The Amsterdam Area is an exceptional logistics hub from where to ship your precious products. Amsterdam Airport Schiphol, the Port of Amsterdam and high-quality road and rail links ensure the region is a gateway to Europe and beyond. Specialist services such as a pharma zone at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol, biomass transhipment facilities at the Port of Amsterdam and guidance from the Pharma Logistics Steering Group ensure the region is a leader in life sciences-related logistics. Also, the Amsterdam Science Park brings business, science and innovation together. 

“Our office in the Amsterdam Area provides us with an excellent springboard for strengthening our position.” – Cem Bozkurt, Alvimedica Medical Technologies

Where great minds meet

The Amsterdam Area is also home to a very broad talent pool. The city has a productive regional workforce drawing from 178 different nationalities, and 44% of the population has attended higher education institutions. Amsterdam also has the country’s highest density of knowledge workers and an increasing influx of workers from other EU countries, all facilitated by the services of IN Amsterdam. According to the World Talent Index, the Netherlands ranks fourth in the world for attracting and developing talent, surpassing every other country on the European continent.

“The city has a very stable communication infrastructure, a deep and profound knowledge of global marketing and brand strategies and added to that, our people love to live here. Talent simply flourishes in Amsterdam.” – Paul Kösters, Wright Medical Technologies

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