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Meet the 28 companies in the City of Amsterdam's Building Better Business 2022 programme

Building Better Business, a collaboration between Amsterdam Impact, the City of Amsterdam's impact entrepreneurship initiative, B Lab, and Economy for the Common Good, aims to help mainstream companies accelerate their social and environmental impact and get certified for their performance.

The programme has two tracks: B Corp and Economy for the Common Good (ECG). Both tracks offer a clear roadmap to support companies in finding the right balance between purpose and profit and embracing a framework that helps them accelerate and manage their impact on people and the planet. 

28 businesses from sectors as diverse as the creative industry, energy and mobility, food, and education, to name just a few, have enrolled in the 2022 edition of Building Better Business. Keep reading to learn more about their work:

Mobility, transport and energy transition

Blade Made transforms waste into long-lasting objects that are functional, beautiful and sustainable, such as playgrounds, urban furniture, sound barriers and more. (ECG track)

Cargoroo is a cost-efficient, eco-friendly, hassle-free way to carry any cargo — kids or deliveries across town. (ECG track)

Connectbike supplies electric bikes and intelligent sharing systems with full service and maintenance to businesses, hotel chains and delivery companies for a fixed amount per month. (B Corp track)

Econic accelerates the energy transition by helping individuals turn their homes into e-homes, which use sustainable heat and energy systems for carefree and comfortable living that also makes a difference. (B Corp track & ECG track)

Felyx offers a fast, convenient, and emission-free way to move through the city: shared electric scooters. (B Corp track)

GoodShipping is the world's first initiative to decarbonise clients' supply chains through zero-carbon transport that replaces fossil fuels with sustainable alternatives. (B Corp track)

Creative and media agencies

En Serio is a tech PR and content marketing agency committed to connecting their clients' message to the stories of key journalists, influencers, prospects and customers in the Benelux region. (B Corp track)

HarrimanSteel is an independent creative agency based in London and Amsterdam. It believes creative thinking can deliver positive change and a measurable impact for all and partners with like-minded visionaries to ignite their purpose. (B Corp track)

Lama Lama is a creative digital agency that delivers digital change for companies with a conscience and brands with a heart. It embraces a fluid approach and uses its expertise to create longevity and value for clients. (B Corp track)

Makmende Media is a media agency with a global reach. It produces film and photography, designs (online) media strategies and creates concepts to help its clients reach new audiences and enhance their social impact. (B Corp track)

Sustainable and inclusive cities

De Groene Afslag comprises a cafe, restaurant, flexible workplace, event location and meeting rooms. The company prioritises sustainability and inclusion in everything it cooks, builds, rents, and organises. (B Corp track)

Superuse Studios is an international architecture collective for circular and sustainable design. It applies several strategies to make sustainable architecture with reclaimed materials. (ECG track)

Pantar is the largest social 'learn and work' company in the greater Amsterdam region, with a wide variety of activities in five areas: industry, crafts, logistics, facilities and sustainability. (ECG track)

Studio YAA designs buildings that positively contribute to social aspects such as the housing market shortage, ageing population and climate change. (ECG track)

Tours that Matter design positive impact tours by using the art of storytelling, combining the past, present and the future, giving a voice to stories less heard, and supporting local communities. (B Corp track)

Lifelong education

Academica provides lifelong learning in the form of over 40 high-quality, evidence-informed educational and professionalisation trajectories focused on multiple value creation in a rapidly changing world. (B Corp track)

Digital, IT and printing solutions 

Bakkers&Spees helps clients in the civil engineering sector smoothly run their business operations through personal service, expert advice, and the best software with a view to the future. (B Corp track)

De Voorhoede is a digital agency building websites and apps for happy customers. They are front-end experts with a love for the web and the world. (B Corp track)

Drukkerij de Bij is a printing company that stands for craftsmanship, personal advice and customisation and offers customers consciously green choices that also help them save money. (B Corp track)

Lifely is a digital agency that specialises in design thinking, software development and artificial intelligence and focuses on strategic development that offers a fresh perspective and clarity. (B Corp track)

Pinch is a mobile development agency that has created over 100 apps for brands, publishers, start-ups and advertising agencies. It prides itself on its agile approach, hands-on mentality, and corporate experience. (B Corp track)

Fair and plant-based food 

Hands Off My Chocolate is a chocolate maker whose goal is women's empowerment. ItsGhana and Ivory Coast programmes introduce women from cocoa farming communities to smart farming practices and financial management. (B Corp track)

Plant B offers customers fresh frozen vegan plant-based meals delivered straight to their freezers as a one-time-only order or on a subscription basis. (B Corp track)

Business growth and transformation services

Horizonteer helps companies to accelerate innovation and growth. They are experts in designing and realising new business models, products and services. (B Corp track)

Manufy is an online marketplace that connects conscious brands and sustainable manufacturers from all over Europe in an efficient, transparent and, most importantly, sustainable way. (B Corp track)

nlmtd supports organisations in becoming future-proof. It does this by co-creating learning organisations. In such an organisation, purpose, strategy, people and resources are entirely attuned to each other. (B Corp track)

ScaleUpNation empowers innovative ventures to scale their impact through tools, masterclasses and carefully crafted interventions through which it builds long-term relationships with scale-up teams. (B Corp track)

Theateradvies helps theatres, concert venues and other public buildings to function better by shedding light on an issue from multiple perspectives and using logistics as a connecting factor. (ECG track)