Mobile banking with no holds barred

Bunq is here to break free from the status quo and create a bank with people in mind. Valuing progress, transparency and freedom of choice, they’ve revolutionised mobile banking. Without needing to provide a tax number upon registration, you can open a fully mobile bank account in less than five minutes. Their app and website are also available in six languages and counting. Need help? Their support is multilingual too.


"bunq is the most innovative and convenient bank within Europe. Sign up without paperwork in seconds and easily set up joint or shared accounts. It may not be the cheapest choice but bunq does have a clear vision not to make money the dirty way. As a customer you choose where money is invested and whether you want interest in return. Safety is of course guaranteed thanks to the smart developers. They are constantly working on new updates to be on the frontline of new payment solutions. They have included 3 different optional bankcards, keep your budgets separated with up to 25 IBANS, attach and search invoices to name just a few. Control all your financials with the mobile app on your phone, iPad or use their web portal. But beware, the unexpected might happen that you too might fall in love with your bank.” - Mar

“There is only one thing that I can't do with bunq: leave it. Other banks may also give me a nice looking app, but they fall behind in features. Sub accounts for everything I can imagine for me or shared with my family, savings goals for my next phone or next big trip, a card for home, a credit card for travelling and the best support I've ever experienced with a bank. I always tell friends to give it a try, use it as your main bank account and try to go back, you can’t. - Johannes