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Expat Help

Amsterdam-based company Expat Help are relocation specialists who help expats and companies who employ expats with issues such as relocation, housing, schooling and tax in the Netherlands.

Life in the Netherlands 

Expat Help’s specialists have much experience regarding all aspects of living in the Netherlands, from applications for work visa and residence permits to finding a new home. 

Special offer

Great EXPATations: Expat Help’s Complete Guide for Anyone Relocating (or considering relocating) to the Netherlands. This package will help to keep the excitement building as you prepare for your upcoming relocation, while guiding you through all of the logistics of immigration and arrival requirements.

What's included?

A one-hour video consultation with an Expat Help personal relocation consultant

A free 1-month Babbel online language course to get going with your Dutch!

What’s inside the guide?

Explanation of required immigration and local registration documentation

Introduction to the Dutch housing market

Overview of Dutch education options

Cultural awareness, including local tips and tricks

30% tax ruling benefit explanation

Guidelines for importing and traveling with your pet(s)

A pre-arrival checklist and customised timeline to help keep your relocation on track

Useful apps, websites and fun facts to get you started!

For IN Amsterdam's friends, the package price is €95 (excluding 21% VAT). Simply visit and use the discount code INAMSTERDAM.