It’s official - this week marked the kick-off of Amsterdam’s seventh Startup in Residence programme. The initiative is led by the City of Amsterdam and aims to foster innovation and cooperation among local parties and government organisations – to better the city for everyone occupying, or visiting, the Dutch capital and beyond. The incubation programme is aimed at young, sustainable businesses; startups, scale-ups, SMEs and social entrepreneurs, who will all gain the chance to test, develop and further innovate their projects within the city itself and alongside partner companies.

Over the next six months, the participating startups will work to refine their ideas, pilot their solutions and gain advice from experts in their industry and within the city. Running parallel to these innovations, the startups will also follow an additional mentor-led training programme to further enhance their business development skills. This aims to form the beginning of long-term partnerships that can extend collaborations and increase impact.

Startups taking part in 2022

Noria produces cost-effective methods and techniques that help tackle plastic pollution in water. Through sustainable innovations, they seek to collaborate with partner companies to make the Netherlands the front-runner for sustainable water waste solutions.

Optimal Planet connects organisations to sustainable and circular methods for procurement and entrepreneurship. As a third-party expert, they offer analysis, advice, workshops and trainings on how to achieve and maintain a more sustainable way of working.

Seenons has developed a solution that taps into the overlooked potential of waste. The company’s app connects waste with businesses that upcycle used products into new goods or materials. They’re already in partnership with some big-name brands in banking, recycling and catering.

Portago offers a new take on city logistics, providing an alternative to polluting cargo transportation. Their hydrogen powered cargo boat offers cities a zero-emissions option for delivering essential daily goods.

VSGM offers a new method to process sludge (an industrial waste by-product) in a way that reduces the CO2 and NOx emissions and transforms this waste into a clean raw material used in concrete and road construction. 

Saltrex CRR and geoFluxus combine forces to promote circular services at the Port of Amsterdam. Together, they use technology and data to promote circular solutions for materials and goods to reduce waste and its environmental impact.

WasteWorks is another startup that sees potential in waste products. Under the philosophy “all trash has value”, the company seeks to encourage recycling by building a network of partnerships that embrace responsible reuse activities.

Amsterdam’s sustainability and startup ecosystem

The Startup in Residence programme is just one of the many ways that businesses, organisations and communities in Amsterdam are striving towards a greener future. The startups participating in this year’s programme are only strengthening this representation. We’re excited to see the transformations that their solutions bring to life. Good luck to all those involved! 

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