Reducing commuter stress

In the study from vehicle financing company Moneybarn, Amsterdam is ranked as the best city overall for commuting. The Dutch capital scores highly for factors that significantly reduce commuter stress, such as short periods of time spent waiting in traffic, low pollution levels, a high number of EV charging stations and cycle paths per capita. 

Sustainable, smart and committed to cyclists

Amsterdam has been investing heavily in sustainability and smart mobility schemes, which is reflected in its high scores in the categories of pollution, EV charging stations and commitment to cyclists. The city also boasts an impressive public transport network including metros, buses, trams, ferries and trains. Country-wide, the Netherlands also rewards commuting cyclists with tax credits. 

The remaining top ten positions in the rankings are dominated by European cities, with Munich and Oslo in second and third place and Hamburg and Berlin completing the top five. The only three non-European cities in the top ten are Canberra, Ottawa and Victoria. 

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