Amsterdam is a leader in the field of life sciences and health. The concentration and cooperation of many research institutions, hospitals, universities, companies and startups form an innovative and dense Life Sciences and Health hub. In 2019 the European Medicine Agency (EMA) moved to Amsterdam, serving as a catalyst for LSH business and conferences. In January 2022, construction began on a new Medical Business Park in the grounds of Amsterdam University Medical Centre (UMC) providing communal lab facilities and offices where medical companies and research institutions can work and collaborate.

The Amsterdam Convention Bureau can connect you to these life sciences partners. By combining and sharing your knowledge, you can ensure a forward-thinking association event that has the potential to make a big impact.

What makes Amsterdam a great place for Life Sciences and Health events

1. Internationally renowned universities, academic hospitals and research institutions including Netherlands Cancer Institute and Netherlands Institute for Neuroscience
2. Europe’s densest and most innovative life sciences and health community
3. Home to the European Medicines Agency 
4. Home to a growing community of more than 600+ life sciences companies, including the national blood bank Sanquin, vaccine maker Wacker Biotech, AI and machine learning MedTech firm PacMed, and pharmaceutical firm Abbvie
5. Well-connected: excellent transport links and super fast digital connectivity

Life Sciences and Health Conferences in Amsterdam

Several associations have chosen to host their event in Amsterdam. This includes the International AIDS Society Conference, the Alzheimer's Association's International Conference, the European Society of Cardiology's Annual Congress and the European Hematology Association congress.

Read more about the 2018 AIDS Conference in Amsterdam, where 16,000 guests from a variety of scientific, political, activist and media backgrounds gathered to inform, share and learn. 

How Amsterdam Convention Bureau can help

The Amsterdam Convention Bureau can help you organise impactful conferences and meetings that truly add value for delegates, local businesses and residents alike. We work independently and offer a number of free services. Contact our team to help you find the right locations in Amsterdam for your event or answer any questions about hosting meetings.